RVAlready: I keep thinking that this feels like what Shabibi described years ago….. If news from several sources is true and Iraq is at 83 cents per Dinar since last week….. Shabibi said that Iraq would get the benefit first, and then we would get the international rate some days later…… It was Iraq first, then the world.

Harambe:  CNBC: Dow drops 250 points as US-China trade tensions linger​litics-on-the-agenda.html


The End Of Merkel? CDU Lawmaker Admits Germany Could Have A New Chancellor “By The End Of Next Week”

Posted on June 17, 2018 by True Pundit Staff

It’s looking increasingly likely that German Chancellor Angela Merkel may have attended her last G-7 conference.

A day after the euro whipsawed on conflicting reports touting the collapse of Merkel’s governing coalition, a lawmaker from Merkel’s own party said the Chancellor could be out by the end of next week during an appearance on BBC World at One (via Express). On Friday, German media reported that Merkel’s junior coalition partner, the CSU, had announced the end of its alliance with Merkel’s CDU – though that report was quickly denied.

While the German public’s anger over Merkel’s “open door” policy has been simmering for years, the instability within the ruling coalition – which features a decades-old political alliance between the CDU and CSU – intensified when Merkel decided over the weekend to veto a plan by Interior Minister Horst Seehofer aimed at controlling and reducing illegal migration. The minister’s refusal to back down has already shattered an uneasy truce between conservative backers and opponents of her liberal asylum policy.

“This kind of has the potential to diminish the authority of her and Horst Seehofer and it could well be that at the end of next week we have a new situation. Probably a new Chancellor.”


END OF MERKEL would trigger ‘uncontrollable’ EU-wide break-up: Europe fears ‘nightmare’

The political instability that has rocked the German government could set in motion the breakup of the European Union, according to Paul Mason, a left-wing commentator.

Angela Merkel faces a make-or-break week as German Chancellor, after leading figures in her sister party, the Christian Social Union, gave her a stark ultimatum.

In an unprecedented challenge to Mrs Merkel’s authority, the CSU will give Chancellor Angela Merkel a two-week deadline to meet its demands for overhauling asylum policy, according to German paper Bild.

Speaking on the BBC’s Politics Europe, Mason said Angela Merkel’s instability, sparked following a migration debate, could become a “nightmare scenario” for Europe.


Here Are The European Countries That Want To Refuse Refugees

They don’t want to open the doors any wider.


List of 13 Countries Smart Enough to Refuse Muslim Refugees

Nations that have previously taken in Muslim immigrants have finally had enough and have either begun deporting them in high numbers as in Sweden, Finland, and Norway (1) or shutting down the borders to any more as in Lebanon and Jordan (2).

There are other countries in the world that already knew that taking in Muslims will only lead to rape, violence and terror and so have taken in zero refugees (3).

Before any of my readers cry “Islamophobia!” or “Bigotry!” let me suggest that they first read the list and notice that among them are Muslim countries themselves. Their leaders are just not as stupid as ours and know that terrorists will definitely sneak in.

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