Sunny: FRANK26 UPDATE, June 18, 2018 – “Shortly, Very Shortly”

Rumor is, the information below is what was reported to have been on Franks CC.  I take no responsibility if the information is attributed to the wrong person. – Sunny

FRANK26, KTFA CC, June 18, 2018


All is in Frank’s opinion.

DELTA’S Report:

CBI has had been 100% compliant within the 2% range for 90 days.

Dr. Shabibi said in 2014 the dinar could go at $1.19.   There was an article.  Maliki refused to announce the rate!

CBI needs over $3.+ 20%.  When Obama pulled all the troops out of Iraq, ISIS moved in and that delayed the RV.

As of June 18 the Dinar in Iraq is from $1.80- $2.00.  Looks like we are very, very close!!

Banks now linked with merchants through the POS (point of sale).  Next is the release of the small bills (lower denominations).  They are 100% ready to pull the trigger.

In Iraq, Dinar will be 1 to 1 with USA.  Internationally the rate will increase, climb and be capped later in 2018.

WALKINGSTICK late night June 17, 2018:  “Conversation moving quickly between my firm + CBI. Small bills print shortly. (Means they will be seen on the billboards)  CBI/Articles ready. No longer using “soon.”

Delta:  “June looks very solid.”  Next step is to release smaller notes.

Frank:  “I’ve got to remain focused, rather than excited.  We are landing this plane.”

Delta:  Very, very few people know about 2012-2014.  Rate was released, stopped by Maliki. Instead Maliki went after Dr. Shabibi (CBI Governor).  Then the IMF postponed it.  Obama pulled out troops and the re-in statement of the Dinar stopped.

Frank & Delta:  We are very, very close with POS method.  This brought the the citizens in and killed the black market.  All ready to go, 1st half 2018.  “Iraqi Dinar should be most desirable currency in world!”

Point of Sale (POS) is extremely important.  The IMF, World Bank, UST came up with the plan to speed up Re-In-statement of Iraqi Dinar.

It is crucial for investors/banks. It puts Iraq open to the world from the Kuwait Conference.

Banks have two types of accounts:  Business and Personal.  Accounts now open to the world.  Contracts can come into Iraq from the Kuwait Conference.


Frank: “Deep in my heart, I really think we are here!”

WS:  “Small bills print very shortly”  (currency printed long ago).  Means:  “Printed on small billboards. The CBI is Ready!”

Frank and Walkingstick: “They are accelerating the pace to push the RI though, IOO!  CBI and banks are on the cusp to do it NOW.  Hence why changed from soon, to shortly, to very shortly.”

Walkingstick:  Report link released back to 2012.  Those numbers are OLD. NOW MUCH HIGHER.

“ATM’s are not the only way to distribute small notes.  I’ll talk to you in 2 days.” (Wednesday).  I believe in two more days they (GOI/CBI) will tell us more.  Need it to be in print.  I’ll be ready to explain what they tell you.

Frank:  “Based on things I’ve been seeing, and what WS said, they are on an accelerated pace to push this thing through….very shortly!”

They will be one to one in country when they reinstate their currency.

The POS with MasterCard and Visa’s is HUGE!  This POS is crucial to the bankers and investors. Iraq with PM Abadi made promises at the Kuwait Conference.  Outside investors are still waiting to come in since that conference.

Commercial and business accounts are the sources of how a bank makes money.  Because of the POS the banking system of Iraq has changed dramatically.

Their business and personal accounts are open to the world.   The door for those contracts is open to the world.

Mom and Pop stores and the supermarkets are like banks in Iraq.  Local businesses, supermarkets linked up, connected to CBI of Iraq.  Creates multiple facets of the POS (point of sale). . .  The POS is talking clearly about a price change in Iraq. . . The cost of goods in Iraq is about to change because of the POS. . .

Their purchasing power has increased due to the POS . . . this is not a revalue.  This is a reinstatement, a roll out within the country of Iraq. . . It’s reinstatement material.  You just cannot ignore it!

When you use your Visa/MasterCard, a POS ( point of sale) has happened.  Smaller bills given, if cash back is asked for.  Dinars only, via Iraqi Banks ATM’S!!  This is in print.


The CBI and her BB’s are now set up for the reinstatement.  (BB’s – Mom and Pop stores, ATM’s are baby banks.) . . .The BB’s are setup to be the most basic banks in Iraq. . . A place where citizens can get their currency in the lowest denomination.

This action ends the auctions, the corruption.  This puts the reinstatement on a real fast track.  The banks will make a huge profit in the commercial departments of their banks.  Their profit potential just skyrocketed.

With every swipe of a Visa or MC in Iraq the banks will make a profit.  Every time this happens it kills the black market and pumps their economy.

Auctions will continue after the RI but in a different form.  . . . There will be a 25, 50, 75 and 1.00 dinar coin. . .

They have killed the usage of the USD.  Choking out the corruption in the local and black markets of Iraq . . .for a Re-In statement in Iraq, in country, not an RV right now.  An RI.  It is the difference between Iraq and Viet Nam.  (Viet Nam can change rate, but not a re-instatement.)

FRANK:  Deep in my heart, I really think we are there.  They are about to take the first step in the RI.  IOO the CBI, the banks are on the cusp to do it NOW!

Want to thank Donald Trump for what he’s doing.  Causing the rest of the world to treat us fairly.  We have a military structure, Army, Navy, US Air Force.  Pres. Trump announced today he was going to have a space force.

We are going back to the Moon and to Mars.  We’re going back and for a reason.  This means jobs and important for the psyche of the US.

Frank:  “I’ll talk to you Friday/Saturday.  Monday, we’ll analyze what WS brings.”

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