Toolkeeper: My contact in Erbil confirms that the airport has reopened. That govt workers are getting paid (police, fire, medical, admins, teachers) No word as to any change in rates of pay or in basic commodity prices such milk, bread, eggs, electricity, gasoline, oil)

I look at whats happening around the world for clues on the RV. who is lending to who and for how much….there definitely is a reset in the making. just all depends when the central bankers want to throw the switch…..I’m still looking for the lower Denoms to be posted and shown.

SassyD:  Still hanging over his head ?? ….. International Criminal Court Proc​eeds On Charges Of Genocide Against Iraqi Ex-P.M. Nouri Maliki – 26 ju​n 2015 –​al-court-proceeds-on-charges-of-genocide-against-iraqi-ex-p-m-nouri-ma​liki/

Harambe:  Bloomberg: Oil Ministers Back Raising Output Despite Iran’s Walk Out​-raising-oil-output-despite-iran-s-objection

Harambe:  CNBC: Oil up on OPEC meeting uncertainty; trade disputes keep markets ​on edge​focus.html

Harambe:  Bloomberg: OPEC Agrees to Oil-Output Boost After Reaching Iran Comprom​ise​e-deal-in-principle-with-iran-for-output-hike

Harambe:  Reuters: Oil up almost 3 percent as OPEC agrees to raise output

Harambe:  Gulf News: New Shiite ‘superblock’ takes shape in Iraq

Ify:  @ 49 minutes into speech from June 20, 2108, president states there has been 7 trillion dollars spent in the Middle East and it’s all “coming back” … … just sayin’

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