Dr.Pete: So what have we learned from our journey so far? Two things: everything takes much longer than you would think, and patience truly is a virtue.

EJ: If the Rv is waiting on Iraq we may never see it in our lifetime , they may never have it together, just hope something else is the trigger

USNavy55: We may not be waiting on Iraq, but rather for us to be satisfied that they are at least satisfactory in our judgment.

JSStripler: Where] the nine points of the agreement are published and victory​-the-agreement-are-published-and-victory/

JSStripler: Urgent .. Abadi and Sadr announce an alliance between “Suron” and ​“victory”​nounce-an-alliance-between-suron-and-victory/

NWMontana: Wooo Hoooo!!! Iraqi PM Abadi and Anti-American Shiite Cleric Sadr Anno​unce Alliance~​/

NWMontana: and now, from reuters!!​and-cleric-sadr-enter-into-political-alliance-idUSB2N1SF013?rpc=401&

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