SassyD: “If you saw the size of the blessing coming, you would understand the magnitude of the battle you are fighting.”

SassyD: [Wise Words] Believer posted – November 16, 2014 — You CAN NOT be an optimist and a pessimist at the same time. Which is it for you? ____ Please decide, because you can’t be hopeful in one breath and then trying to take the hope away from others, in the very next breath. ……. Last year is PAST, GONE …… We are in the NOW. …… Savor it and pray that the PTB allow God’s plan to unfold.

SassyD: I like this one too…… “You never look at things the way they are –you look at things the way YOU are–when you change the way YOU look at things–the things YOU look at change!!”

RVAlready: From other sources…reliable???…funds clearance done. This is great,
if true. Funds clearance has held up other programs for long periods of time. … GO RV!!!!!

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Greg Hunter with guest Bill Holter – The System is Going to Go Down

Zimbabwe blast rocks stadium in apparent assassination attempt on President

Explosion at presidential rally in Zimbabwe 01:38

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (CNN)Zimbabwe’s government is calling an explosion Saturday an assassination attempt on President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who was holding a campaign rally at a stadium.

The President escaped injuries, but others were injured and hospitalized. The blast occurred at White City Stadium in Bulawayo.

“Investigations are underway and more details will be given to the public,” presidential spokesman George Charamba said, according to the state-run newspaper The Herald. “There have been multiple attempts on the President’s life over the past five years.”

The country’s two vice presidents were among at least eight people injured, The Herald reported. Kembo Mohadi suffered leg injuries, and Constantino Chiwenga had slight facial bruises, state media said.

Other injured officials included Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri, minister of water, environment and climate, and Engelbert Rugeje, party secretary of the ruling ZANU-PF.

The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corp. said three of its crew members were hurt and taken to Mpilo Hospital in Bulawayo

The US Embassy in Harare condemned the attack.

“Political violence in any form is unacceptable & contrary (to the) positive progress required (to) move Zim forward as it seeks (to) take its place on the global stage,” the embassy said on Twitter. “Our thoughts & prayers go out (to the) victims & their families.”

Nelson Chamisa, an opposition leader in Zimbabwe, denounced the stadium explosion. Chamisa heads the Movement for Democratic Change and is a contender for president in elections next month.

“Our prayers go out to the injured and we hope no lives have be lost,” Chamisa said. “Violence must have no place in our politics. May God bless and protect the country we all love.”

The presidential elections will be the first since the country’s military forced Robert Mugabe out of office in an apparent coup in November.


Momentum growing for Zimbabwe to return to a gold or resource backed c​urrency

At a recent roundtable conference in Bulaways, Zimbabwe on June 15, the idea of backing the Zimbabwe currency with gold and other resources is growing in strength as both financial experts and the Deputy Finance Minister agreed that changes must be made to get the African nation out of its decades long malaise.

ZIMBABWE should re-introduce its own currency backed by commodities since bond notes and dollarisation has failed, financial expert Persistence Gwanyanya has said.

Speaking during the CEO Africa Roundtable discussion in Bulawayo on Friday, Gwanyanya said the government needed to go back to the drawing board and come up with a permanent solution to the country’s cash crisis.

“What is a permanent solution to our cash crisis because it seems dollarisation has reached its sale by date, it would appear the best solution is for the country to re-introduce its own currency,” he said. 

The plan, Gwanyanya said, would be executed through the forward sale of commodities to other countries.

“It is easy to forward sale our gold production at $2 billion a year. If we forward sale it for five years, we get $10 billion, our tobacco production at $1 billion a year and if we forward sale it we get $5 billion. The same can be done to platinum.”

Speaking at the same event, Finance deputy minister Terence Mukupe concurred with Gwanyanya, saying the country needed to adopt its national currency.

“We have to adopt a national currency without doubt and there has to be a cap on the maximum release of how much of the new currency you are going to put out. The numbers that are there right now are indicating that probably the maximum release should not be more than a billion dollars,” he said.  – Bulawayo 24

Discussions on returning to a gold and/or diamond backed currency was first broached back in May of last year.  And as the world rushes towards de-dollarization, nations need to prepare their own economies for a day when they either can’t, or no longer want to peg their currencies to the global reserve.​-to-return.html?m=1

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