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Iko Ward :One last shake of the tree. Let the weak fruit fall and rot.

Iko Ward :
 Some of us fall down every day and get back up. For others it’s once a week; still others every so often. Each and every time you stand back up you grow stronger. Some day one look from you will wither the others who stands in your way. It won’t be the amount of money you have, it will be the strength you have gained in this venture. Your total belief in faith and community. That’s real power.

RVAlready:  IKO. Was there any math behind the estimate that IQD would avalanche once it reached 1085? I was just wondering the basis for the number.

Iko Ward: rv..there was but it is based on trading algorithms and Forex minutia. Basically, the guy told me if the Dinar improves in value 10% the rest would happen. I received that info in January 2014, so the 1085 was based on all the various factors at that time. Recent conversations have indicated 1095 would work as well, hence my statement….. Some of the factors have changed, that’s why I said 1095 is the new 1085.
SassyD:  “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” —– Margaret Mead, anthropologist


Hugsart:  Dr. Ron Paul on why the Fed’s days are numbered [AUDIO] Simon Black

October 19, 2015   Dallas, Texas

Just had a great weekend in Dallas, where I had the pleasure of spending some time with Dr. Ron Paul.

After our event on Saturday we sat down to record a quick podcast that I’m eager to share with you.

In this quick audio session we covered his views on the biggest issues surrounding the Fed right now:

– Why the Fed is not going to raise interest rates

– How they’ve lost the power to manipulate markets
– How they rig half of every transaction you make
– The crucial issue that they don’t want people talking about
– And how they’ve made us poorer

You’ll definitely want to hear this. Listen in here:

Until tomorrow,
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