Sunny: FRANK CC, GHOST INTERVIEW, PART I, Monday, July 9, 2018

(All the call information is in Frank or his guests opinion – Frank began in a black suit, black vest, black tie and red shirt with white stripe.  Red pocket handkerchief.)

Guest is the “Ghost,” a United States Lieutenant Colonel who commanded a military platoon and served in both Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq.

[Frank]: . . .  Going to talk with Ghost, a United States Lieutenant Colonel, with four tours.  He is “special ops” and was in charge of a platoon in Kuwait and part of the liberating force there.  The Marshall plan was applied in Kuwait and they RV’d their currency.  The plan is being repeated in Iraq.

[Ghost]:  I’m very honored to be on the call and answer questions.  I’m a military veteran, participated in four tours in Iraq and one in Kuwait.  I served in the first tour under Bush, then came back when they took down Baghdad.  Did tours in Afghanistan, Falushia . . .65 missions. I was all over the place and have a good idea of the culture.

[Frank]:  My God, 65 missions.  What did you go through?

[Ghost]:   Rather not discuss.  It was pretty brutal.  Would go out on critical missions.  Lot of Taliban and fighting.  It was a long time.  Honestly, I’d rather forget a lot of it.  I participated in the Kuwait Dinar (RV).  It was a nice blessing from God.   Some of the Generals and higher ups said it was a good time to get in.  I had a commander say it would be a good idea to buy some Iraqi Dinar, which I did.

[Frank]:  Your only the 2nd person to tell me they participated in the Kuwait RV.

[Ghost]:  The worse part was the children coming out.  It was real bad.  Brutal fighting.  We went over there and did the job.  Some 14-15 hours it was over.  We were trying to find Saddam Hussain.  He had bugged out.

[Frank]:  You were there when they found him?

[Ghost];  Biggest coward I ever met in my life.  It was our team that took him out.  He cried like a little girl when we took him out.  I just did my job and tried to get out alive.  A whole lot of soldiers left on the battle field behind him.  Good, good troops left on the battlefield.  Hundreds and hundreds I saw go down.

It (the Iraq RV) was supposed to go down in 2010 (Said the influence and occupation of Iraq by ISIS delayed the RV of their (Iraq) currency).

[Frank]:  The media tells us about all this.  Seems like they are not up to par.

[Ghost]:  The media has been the odd ball of this whole thing.  When Obama pulled us out is when ISIL took over.  I don’t think we’ve come full circle yet.  I got intelligence today that I think will push our blessing to the next level.

[Frank]:  Trying to teach our members the media is not what it should be.

Ghost:  When you get news from Iraq, Remember Malaki owns more than ½ the newspapers and radio outlets, that broadcast the news.  When you see the news coming out of Iraq sometimes it’s totally tainted.  There is only one reliable newspaper over there, “The Baghdad Post.”  He doesn’t own that one.  The rest of them are completely fake news.  Completely!  All kinds of stuff about Sadr;  All the election stuff – it’s all under control.  Everything’s been handled and I’ll go into that in a little bit.  I do still have a lot of high level Washington contacts, contacts in Baghdad and a good grasp of the situation because of the position I had. I still have quite a lot of friends that were over there with me that know exactly what’s going on in these investments.  I’m open to any questions you have about the RV.

[Frank]:  We understand that you were there . . . and Obama unfortunately, pulled out the troops.  I love the way you say Malaki.  (prouncing it like Malarki leaving out the “r.”)  Then Malaki went ballistic and started raping, stealing, terrorizing.  He thought he was going to get away with it.

[Ghost]:   He did get away with it for many, many years, under Obama.  He did get away with it. . . . (edited statements out) . . . He basically raped the country of everything.  He marked up the dollar so merchants couldn’t get any money.  He made sure the program rate was very, very low.  He was adamant about stealing from the people.  They are a wonderful people.  They believe in God.  May not be the same god we believe in but they are a wonderful, humble people.

I’m a Christian.  Baptist by faith.  Evangelic.  I wouldn’t let anybody go into combat without knowing Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

[Frank]:  There are no atheists in a fox hole. . . . At that time, . . .Obama has to take some of the blame of ISIS and Maliki.

[Ghost]:  Malaki came in there and just ruined things for everybody.  The man is absolute evil.  I’ve heard as soon as this election comes to pass he will be in shackles and very quickly.

Frank:  I agree sir.  Last week, I suggested IMO there is a warrant now out for Malaki. . . My suggestion is to seat the Parliament and then you remove the President’s position from Malaki and he is no longer with immunity.  Therefore, the arrest warrant that is out there, pending right now, can be taken directly to him.  Take him to International world courts, have him tried and brought back to Iraq, so that Abadi . . .

Ghost:  In my strongest opinion, that is exactly what is going to happen. Just like you just said. The arrest warrant is out for him.  There is a great deal of animosity even with the people in Iraq.  He still stays in the Presidential Palace, and all the evil he has done to Iraq, it’s just . . .Saddam Hussain was a much better leader than Malaki was.  He was horrific!  (inference I got here is Ghost was was referring to Malaki as being horrific))

Frank:  At that same time sir, the governor, the author of the monetary reform, Dr. Shabibi was ready and he came out and said. I’m ready to lift the three zero’s from our exchange rate.

Ghost:   He said Iraq Dinar can support $16 US dollars.  He said the IQD, could truly come to pass at some point.  I really believe. . . My men when they leave the country are getting $1.70 US for one (1) Dinar.   Somewhere between $1.70 – $1.80 fluctuating upward.

Frank . . . I said when it hits the market we believe, as a partially convertible currency, it will be somewhere between $1.71 and $1.80.  Dear God, that is almost exact to your opinion of what you just told me just now.

Ghost:  Yes and the irony of it is as the partially convertible currency turns to the IR, we RV, we can see upward of $4 – $7 per dinar.

Frank:  Very good.  That would be the RV.  So once the 1:1 leaves and the basket is established, then it hits the International market.  It would hit it with the wheels spinning and it wouldn’t be 1:1.  It would maybe be around $1.70 – $1.80 and the re-valuization process in the International market, I said, IMO would cap somewhere around $4.25.  Did you just say also $4.00?

[Ghost]:   I said $4.25 to $7.70. (Frank clapped his hands to his head and laughed.)   I have sources that have told me that.  They are unconfirmed at this point.  Feel so strongly IMO!

Frank:  Going back to Dr. Shabibi, the reason why he left the governorship position and left Iraq and went to Germany is because Malaki was trying to kill him.  He put out an arrest warrant for him.

Ghost:  He put out an arrest warrant for him and actually a death warrant out for him.  And he was fortunate enough to, I didn’t have anything to do with this particular thing, but the US entourage went over there and got him out to Germany before Malaki could get a hold of him.  Thank God!

Frank:  Yes, thank God!  He’s still been the quarterback though, IMO.  Dr. Shabibi has been orchestrating the whole MR

Ghost:   He and Alak I think, talk on a monthly basis.  I really do think so.  I believe that with my whole heart.  (Frank covering his mouth from the microphone as he is laughing).  I haven’t heard their conversations obviously but in my strongest opinion I think Alak and Shabibi have a lot of conversations that are off the radar.

Frank: . . . IMO I believe they speak once a week.

Ghost:  I don’t know once a week, but at least monthly.   There is a defense contractor I know who has an equal number of employees.  He was paying his employees and it progressively went upward.  1:1; 2:1; 3:1 and even 4:1.   I think that just parallels what Walkingstick said and confirms what WS says.  A second set of books will be revealed very soon. Very, very tight window.

Frank:  Compression of time.  They are moving extremely fast.  WS told me, “we are on the cusp of of this happening.  In fact I want to read something to you and I’d like your interpretation.  It came in about 30 minutes ago.

From Walkingstick via text:  “I have started browsing through the mountain of information from my associates.  This is much more than a week old now but it appears they have made major purchases, forms of payments via electronics and legal tender from various countries to include the US and the EU and continue to do so utilizing the IQD.  In short with the understanding as stated, as payment to be accepted and noted as payment but not processed before a specific date.   I have to read forward more.  Seems to be much covering this subject, this topic.  It is still unclear this of use as it continues to unfold.”

Ghost:  Can I jump in right here?  I think this has already started because of the partially convertible currency.   If you notice in Iraq, when you build good news sources, they talk about contracts with China, with Kuwait.  Now, how are they getting the money for these contracts?  There is no other explanation for a (VCC?)  They are being paid out, the way they are making their objectives known from the Kuwait conference.

Now I got a piece of information today, that I’ve been told, could still be rumor IMO, but I believe President Trump will be in Iraq on Friday.

Frank:  We’re aware there is a delegation going but I did not know if Trump was going.  If Trump goes – WOW!

Ghost:  My strongest opinion, I think Trump will be in that entourage.  Pompeo is already over in the ME, right now and I think he’s going to be part of it as well as our President.  And I think Donald Trump is trying to put this together for all of us.  To make sure we are protected in it and secure and he wants to make America wealthy again and I think this is part of it. (Frank grinning from ear to ear.  Frank is so cute.  He’s like a chubby little cherub, IMO).  My opinion.  That’s what I believe.

Frank:  He’s talking to many countries.  Being very forceful.  Stingy about the money.

Ghost:  He pulled out of the Iran deal.  I think Iran’s biggest hope is the US pulled out so they could take over the country of Iraq and I don’t think we’re going to let that happen. . .  If you notice Trumps rally speeches. . . .(edited)  the things that impresses me the most . . .is on the last two rally speeches he talked about that Iraq owes us (the USA) $7 Trillion dollars which is the number I’ve always been told since the very beginning is the number of Iraqi dinars we were given when we pulled out of Iraq.  $7 Trillion!  . . . It’s another piece in the puzzle but I find that very ironic.   (I had difficulty getting this last few statements correct as Frank and ghost talked over each other)

Frank: . . .The 7 trillion, IMO, reflects what is in the UST reserves and we’re going to use it.

Ghost: Exactly!  I think when it comes over, in the revalued form it will be more than enough to pay off the national debt.

Frank;  More than enough and move forward to do other things that they want to do.

Ghost:  (edited)

Frank:  Iraq is filthy rich from the same place God put together the four rivers.  He made it abundantly rich.  They don’t have veins of gold.  They have mountains of gold.  There is a famous photograph where you could see this long cave.  The cave was lined with brick and as far back as the eye could see back it was stacked with gold bullion.  And in front I think it had four or five soldiers that were posing in front of it.  Do you recall anything like this?

Ghost:  Oh yeah!  There are two major gold depository’s there.  (Frank rolling in his seat with delight and laughter) One is the picture your talking about.  It’s full of gold.  Iraq is accumulating over years now, before this revaluation.  But there was a recent mine just discovered in Anbar (parish?) that you could compare to any mother lode that’s ever happened, anywhere in the world.  And it’s huge, full of gold.  Huge!  HUGE!

Frank:  Trump has been very calculating.   Very, very smart with the MR of the IQD.  It’s going to become his biggest tool.   As the President, I think he’s going to be very successful with it.  Clinton used it.  Well he balanced the budget and he paid off a little of the national deficit but within about 3-5 years it was ridiculous. The deficit was back where it was before. .
He (Trump) is also preparing other currencies.  What is your opinion about the Vietnamese Dong?

Ghost:  I have a missionary friend from Vietnam . . . about two weeks ago he visited our church. I said, “have you heard anything about the currency of Viet Nam?  He said, now that you mention it as I was leaving the airport the numbers were jumping all over the place.  Kind of like these numbers you see on Forex.  He truly believe, IHO and IMO that we’re going to see a very, very good return on the VND.  I know China wants about $1.91 for dong.  Don’t think they’ll get that high. That’s the number they forecast.  Somewhere between .47 and $2.00.  He’s pretty good intelligence.  (He was seeing activity before he left Vietnam.)

There’s all kinds of banking activity, just like Iraq has had all this transformation. . .Vietnam was a very cash based society for a very long time until the recent, probably 12 months, they went to an electronic, just like every other country in the world.  And right now they have in their foreign reserves of $78 billion dollars.  A lot of money for a country like Vietnam.

. . . rumortell right now, but from some pretty good sources, are telling me the Zimbabwe currency has already revalued and it’s gold backed as well as Vietnam and Iraq will all be gold based and with that the US in an SDR basket as well as the EU and Britain, etc. will all be on a gold based standard. So, everything will go back to the way it was before Nixon where everybody, if you had trading to do Internationally. . .  We might still have fiat dollars in the US.  It’s not going to make any difference in changing to International.  Everything is going to be on a gold base.

I think the culmination of this thing could happen over this weekend. I do believe, at least the Presidential entourage, the White House will be in Iraq on Friday.  I’m pretty sure the President is going to be part of that entourage.

They are going to appoint Abadi as the Prime Minister and preclude the election.  The election results have been coming in very, very fast the last couple of days from Kuwait and the US.  People didn’t get to hear their voices because they just tried to eliminate the votes from over here and Kuwait and a lot of those votes came in for Abadi.  It was one of Malaki’s boys that was going to get Parliament to ax out Abadi’s votes.

Frank:  This is amazing!

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