Bestbuy: Market is crashing RIGHT NOW after MARKET….Total right now is -1000…We are in a uncharted territory in our history.

Pearle: I know trade wars and interest rates are affecting it but that’s a lot…come on RV

Pearle: I remember folks use to say the market had to crash for the RV…hmmm

Yada: Whenever we’ve experienced great increases in the market like we did when Canada signed NAFTA, a correcting of the market takes place afterward from those who are just shorting it. Nothing to do with currency values

swampyJack: Corrections are just part of the climb… you can see it in most every chart involving stocks, commodities, currencies, you name it… if it is traded, there will be highs and lows

Moneysmart:  Dizzy Bear said there would be a big selloff before the RV. Hope this is it.

TheEyeGuy:  I had remembered that daz always said that the market would drop just before the rv. Hope was right.

Dhybaby:  market crashing is a prelude to the beginning of the end of Fiat money…being the biggest debtor nation…we win.!..

Harambe:  Reuters: Turkey agrees to release more water to ease Iraqi shortages

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