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OKRocks: The 2019 Iraqi Federal Budget Law has been ratified and published >>>    you have to translate it   Link

RVAlready: Yes. Budget is official. Officials who try to steal can be prosecuted for federal crimes and eliminated. We should now be able to exchange.  If the banks talking to Tony have been truthful, we should see $4.40.  Hope the banks are ready to get started.
NetGlobal:  So the budget is published so lets hope we dont go back to needing the entire parliment seated.

Dallred123:  the budget is there now but why are we still here??   i guess the budget published is at the old rate

RVAlready:  Again, new rate was never expected in the budget. Just as the US exchange rates are not published in the US budget, the Iraq exchange rates are not shown in the Iraq budget….. Congress/parliaments publish budgets. Banks/markets determine exchange rates.

RVAlready:  Someone last week had published the value of the budget in dinar, and again in dollars. But, I do not think the budget itself shows both systems. From the amounts presented in both systems, external to the budget, Tony had calculated $4.44. But it is not the job of the official budget to set exchange rates

Grizzlies:  Remember today is Monday. Banks do all their reconciliations today. See what the day brings.

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