JCNoble: Is the HCL the holdup for releasing the RV? I thought that had been passed, posted in gazette and now in effect.

Cutebwoy: jcnoble HCL is history its already been paid out in the kurdistan region in small amounts

GRLewis2000: The Un Operational Rate will not change for 15th February, per statement on home page – “Please note that there is no mid-month revision for February 2019”. So, may have to wait until March 1st.

Isa52bc:  In response to comment added by grlewis, I personally feel this gives us the opportunity to exchange before the world knows about the rate change!

MountainMole:  IMHO RVs are outside the schedule of international currency changes. Previous RVs never occurred on the 1st or 15th. So let it pop when the pour the milk in. Snap crackle pop

Harambe:  Reuters: Brent crude hits 2019 high above $65, buoyed by output cuts

Harambe:  Bloomberg: A $1 Million Car? Here Are 11 of Them​-here-are-11-of-them

Harambe:  CNBC: Vietnamese airlines granted access to US market for first time​flights-to-us-possible-us.html?

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