Sunday evening UPDATE for February 17, 2019

Iraq is reporting that the vote on the cabinet will be completed at the first session in March.

Parliament is to host Saleh and Mahdi at its first session on March 4 to develop strategies and maneuvers for combating corruption.

All of the Green Zone will be open for 24 hours on a “test” basis.

The Tariffs and Taxes supposedly started today, details are still difficult to obtain. 


Mr.Static:  Part 1: Mel Fisher was arguably the greatest treasure hunter ever and he had a saying that he lived by, namely “Today’s the Day”. Every morning he would come out on the deck of the Dauntless and affirm that “today” was the day, every day of his 16-year search for the Atocha.

Part 2: On July 20, 1985 his dream was realized when they found her. If anyone on board had said “I sure hope we find her soon”, or “this week”, I think Mel would have thrown them overboard. And rightly so, “today” is the only day that exists.

Part 3:

Mr.Static:  For my part, I will continue to hold the expectation that we will see the RV today. I can’t think of a reason why today wouldn’t be operative for us; it has certainly been the case for a great many whales aready.


TwocuteCats:  Just thinking out loud, if President Trump is going to Vietnam the end of this month my money would bet that he wants the RV done prior to his visit.

Nevis:  I wouldn’t think there would be any connection to currency. He is just going to Vietnam as a neutral meeting place with the N Korean leader Kim.

RSSkale:  That actual not true as to the meeting in Vietnam The Trump Administration Wants North Korea to Be the Next Vietnam When Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un meet in Vietnam later this month, the U.S. hopes the North Korean leader will see what might await his country if he decides to denuclearize.​etnam-model-north-korea/582559/

RSSkale:  Vietnam is a great economic success One of fastest growing economy. And why we have purchase Dong! VN among 10 fastest-growing economies​omies.html#H6qh60CdGs8TWdVR.97

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