DrBob: Okay, had an Iraqi patient today. He says the deletion of 3 zeros is imminent. He and his family do not know when but they all know it is going to happen. Good news!

Dr Bob: Didn’t talk about the ‘cards’ but he did say that the retirees just got a raise.

PamD:  Dr. Bob – that is good news! Straight from an Iraqi citizen! Cool!  I’m encouraged by seeing the progress out in plain sight. I remember when there was NOTHING in the news that resembled good regarding Iraq. This is all great progress.


Lorelie:  I always browse DinarRecaps and run across another person that says everything is a lie since his/her banker (multiple banks) knows nothing.

Having 7 years experience in a commercial lead bank (owns all the little neighborhood branches of same name) and then 3 years at a neighborhood branch: Retail banks usually know nothing.

Just as retail cashiers at restaurants, Target, Sears, etc. know nothing. They don’t know who the ‘distributor’ of their product is. Corporate handles that business. Retail employees are taught just what they sell: what to sell, how to sell, how to process through the computer; nothing more.

I found it soooo very frustrating when I left banking and moved out of state only to have ‘an issue’ and could not get resolved at the local branch.

I went in and explained the Fed Reg that the one particular branch was breaking in the way it handled my  father’s money. The manager had ‘deer in headlights look’. No problem, I’d go to the Fed Reserve.

Then I realized that I no longer lived in a Reserve Bank City and would have to drive to Atlanta. No. So letter to that branch’s ‘lead bank’ and copy to the Fed Reserve resolved the issue I had had. However that took time, so yes it was fixed, but not when I needed it.

The bankers with whom you speak in your neighborhood, or any other ‘retail‘ location, most probably do not know this country’s Bank Regulations let alone anything going on in other countries.

You most likely know more than they do. Basel III and the capital adequacy ratio, they never heard of it; corporate/lead bank monitors the overall company ratios. Prime rate, maybe they’ve heard of that but bet only 1 or 2 employees know what it is.

They most probably do not know what Prime represents, just what the rate is that week from a report the lead bank sends out (or someone there actually reads the Wall Street Journal).

So as TNT site has said many times, YOU know more than you realize. Trust your gut and don’t worry about naysayers. We’re here for the ride and will have great stories to share much later down the road.

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