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Tim2lthman: If Foxex goes down friday afternoon and doesn’t open up again till Sunday…….that’s means if nothing happens now till it closes on friday, we wont know anything through the weekend. Is that right???

ALlonghorn:  Idealy it would happen about 30 minutes before Forex closes so that the rate would be on screen during a weekend. Then it could float from there.

Yada:  Forex would record the current rates of all currencies, the RV can be released and not show up on the Forex until the next time it is open,,,

UKfan1972:  Forex is open 24 hours 5 days a week for retail traders. However forex remains open for central banks and related entities on the weekend.

Isabelle:  Here is my GUESS: 800 numbers after FOREX closes Friday. Appointments all week-end. FOREX post will be when it opens Sunday 5 PM EST.

Red:  I heard the groups are on the slooooow roll out being paid daily we are in the que maybe this week

GodsPrincess:  Interesting! Just saw CNN they are reporting FB and Instagram is down due to a criminalinvestigation. Hmm…. Two days in a row! I know people are having withdrawals….

Harambe:  Bloomberg: Iraq’s Top Cleric Joins Game of Thrones​istani-roils-region-by-meeting-iran-s-rouhani

Harambe:  Bloomberg: U.S. Inches Closer to Ending 18-Year Conflict in Afghanista​n​o-ending-18-year-conflict-in-afghanistan

Harambe:  Reuters: Brent crude hits 2019-high amid OPEC supply cuts, sanctions on Venezuela and Iran