Dat: I was just at my Wells Fargo Bank in Charlotte, NC trying to exchange some Canadian money that I was given and was told they couldn’t exchange at this branch because their exchange machines were being updated. I played dumb and said oh really, well what currency do you plan on exchanging and was told pounds and euros, well I bet we know the rest of that story… I am excited!!!!

Mangelo: Well this so close that the meat is sliding off the bone, it even tries to get back on, and slides off again…..but this time I took the big piece of meat and slapped it on the grill and now it’s sizzling!!!!

AzJeff:  interesting event at WF. Bought some dong today and for thr $7 delivery charge i could have overnight or two day delivery..i took overnight but the confirmation screen said that overnight delivery was April 3. We double checked. So best guess is supply isn’t readily availablr OR maybe they’re closing the books on “old value” currency so they can RV this weekend? Time will tell.

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