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New US bank rates reported:

Zim    – $0.22 to $0.24
Dinar – $3.51 to $4.43
Dong – $0.47 to $2.23

The Iraqi Minister of Finance requested that all ministries convene and have financial reports completed for implementation of the 2019 budget.    [How long? Not long!]

Iraqi TV was broadcasting the past Prime Minister Abadhi stating that the process to arrest past Prime Minister Maliki for the downfall of Mosul was initiated and requested that present Prime Minister Madhi enforce that decision.

An announcement regarding Iraq’s financial situation pertaining to its currency is expected on Saturday. Time Will Tell!


Tishwash:  I like this article seems they could be auditing past budgets to get ready to open the current one  hmmm

Abdul-Mahdi: We finished preparing the final accounts of the previous financial budgets and profits and losses until 2020

Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, announced several anti-corruption plans, “pledging that it is a file of management positions in agencies on schedule.

Abdul Mahdi said in his speech at a meeting of the General Authority of the Alliance of Reform and Reconstruction, headed by the President of the coalition, Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, held in his office in Baghdad on Wednesday evening, “If not for the reform and construction coalition, the government was formed, and there are great efforts by the responsible parties to complete the government cab “We need to end the government structure, but some problems have prevented that,” he said. “We respect the reform and the political forces in it.” 

He stressed that “the arrangement of relations with the House of Representatives is one of our priorities and our work to regulate this relationship between the executive and legislative authorities so as not to quarrel and go to the Federal Supreme Court.”

“We have held separate meetings with the deputies of each province because the problems vary from one province to another and we began issuing a series of executive orders to solve the problems of many projects lagging,” adding that “the government is making a great effort to find solutions to service problems in Basra and improve electricity before the summer Next “. 

“We have faced many problems, which are the battles that have been held on the border, which is an urgent restoration of some of the liberated lands. We have prepared preparations, but the parties in the international coalition and Syria have postponed the preemptive operation and the increase in the number of displaced people and refugees in those areas has prevented this.” 

“We have a great responsibility to end the file of the administration of the positions by proxy and before June next we will end it,” the prime minister said.

“We have finished preparing the final accounts of the previous financial budgets and profits and losses until 2017, but we have a problem in the budget 2014 – the year the fall of the city of Mosul and the Western provinces – because it did not recognize in the House of Representatives,” noting that ” . 

The Prime Minister pointed out that “the sinking of the ferry in the city of Mosul called for several actions in Nineveh to prevent political and administrative vacuum in the province.” 

“Corruption is not only personalities, but also institutions, and we have new ways to fight corruption, based on the development of pre-sensors in different parts of the institutions,” he said.

He pointed out that “Iraqi capital is important and is located in the UAE, Jordan, Turkey and neighboring countries,” noting that “we have in the Investment Authority 900 projects are disabled and the reason is the intersection of legal and legislative.” 

“We have a legal problem in industrial life at the level of legislation and obtaining approval for the establishment of industrial cities,” he added. “In our last meeting at the trilateral summit in Egypt, it was agreed to establish joint partnerships to ensure a flexible economic movement.” 

He stressed that “the need to empower businessmen and the private sector and encourage investments to contract with solid companies,” pointing out that “the arrangement of the conditions of daily workers and contracts have been discussed in the matter because they are a large segment must be adapted to their situation and can not lay off employees and the disposal of them is a reality and the previous government worked on it And we will work to deal with them and they are important segment not to mention retirees. “

“The water year is good and we expect a significant harvest for different crops this year. We believe next year 2020 that we can provide a budget for projects,” he said. 

“We expect a good harvest and may not be enough for warehouses and silos and we will push the farmers to get excited for the coming seasons,” he said. “We have water reserves of 27 billion cubic meters and water quantities will double soon.”   link

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