Reportedly, the Speaker of the House was interviewed and stated that personal stubbornness is the cause of the delay of cabinet selections being concluded and that it will “end” when he returns back to the country.


RVAlready:  We are expecting RV within next 2 days.

Lena:   RValready, because the world is expecting it in the next two days, don’t you think they may wait a week or two to announce it???

RVAlready:  No…I think Everyone has had enough waiting.

Natok:   when it goes, it will be international and the whole world will know

MKay:  No info on when?

RVAlready:   There can be no advance info on when….We will only know after the fact.

JCP:  The forex being zeroed out is very interesting

Markster:   Why they doing GCR with RV ?

RVAlready:   Iraq RV is first stage of GCR

Annie68:  They said “by the end of the month”…Theyve got 24 gours and we know they take things to the limit!

JCNoble:  Sat or end of month, 1 down 1 to go.

NWMontana:  Here’s the latest Forex graph..1182​=CST&chartpair=US%2520Dollar_Iraqi%2520Dinar&ctype=l&movAvg1=&movAvg2=​&per=m

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