Tishwash:  A deputy explains the reasons for the opening of the Saudi economy towards Iraq

Between the MP for the alliance of conquest Hassan Salem, Wednesday, the reasons for the opening of the Saudi economy towards Iraq and increased visits of Saudi delegations to Baghdad.

“The recent Saudi economic opening towards Iraq is an attempt to make the country a market for Saudi consumer goods,” Salem said in a statement. “The visit of the Saudi economic delegation to Baghdad stands behind Washington for the purpose of replacing the Iranian goods in Saudi Arabia as an attempt to force Iraq to comply with the economic sanctions imposed Against Tehran “.

He added that “Iraq welcomes all Arab or foreign economic initiatives, provided that they are free of the political targets malicious trying to make Iraq a market for them and launch economic wars on neighboring countries,” noting that “the Parliament will consider all economic agreements to be concluded by Iraq and will work to cancel any agreement affecting Negatively on the Iraqi economy or on external relations with neighboring countries. ”

The victory alliance headed by former Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Wednesday that the Iraqi negotiator with the large Saudi delegation that will arrive in Baghdad later in the day that he does not accept that Iraq is a market for disposal of products, stressing that it can not be accepted that the Saudi investments to influence the decision Iraqi politician.  link

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