Tishwash: So maybe some work will be done during Ramadan … we shall see.

 Iraqi-Saudi meeting in Ramadan to agree on the entry of 200 businessmen with more than 65 billion dollars

(Reuters) – Saudi Arabia’s top businessman, Sami al-Araji, announced on Sunday that 200 Saudi businessmen were entering Iraq with capital estimated at more than 65 .billion dollars An agreement was signed” between the Iraqi National Investment Commission and the Saudi Investment Authority to develop a roadmap soon,” Araji said in a televised interview.

This map will be discussed at a meeting between us during the “.first week of Ramadan

He added that “the director of the Saudi Investment Authority, told us that more than 200 Saudi businessmen are entering Iraq with capital of more than 65 billion US dollars over the coming years, all of which will be “.determined by the road map to be agreed upon   link

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