Mobius:  U.S. pulls staff from Iraq, says Iran gave ‘blessing’ for tanker attac ks : ff-from-iraq-says-iran-gave-blessing-for-tanker-attacks-idUSKCN1SL0SX? il=0

Eccle519:   Iran doing some petty bomb explosion on the tankers doesn’t make sense…sounds like it’s coming from somewhere else. Iran is smarter than that

Briona:  If you are into conspiracy theories, then the deep state could have their hands in this. They want continuous wars.

Eccle519:  Briona: Truth is stranger than fiction my friend…There are so many in our Govt and other places that would love a US war with Iran…Iran is not doing this

Briona:  Iran is evil, there is no doubt about that, but stupid they are not. Starting any kind of confrontation would be suicide, so these bombings are highly questionable.

Red:  the whales are about to be released into the deep blue sea… everything on the timeline no delays in sight … mirrors reflecting smoke at this time , dont buy into everything you hear…

Briona:  Hopefully, the Whales are no longer whaling about getting their funds, and we are next.

Harambe:  AP News Correction: United States-Iran-Mideast story (from @AP)


Tishwash:  Netherlands suspends government mission in Iraq over security threat: ANP agency

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – The Dutch government has suspended a mission in Iraq that provides assistance to local authorities due to a security threat, Dutch news agency ANP reported on Wednesday.

Dutch military personal help train Iraqi forces in Erbil, northern Iraq, along with other foreign troops.

The report gave no details about the nature of the threat.  link

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