Fuze: GM TNT, what a super morning! TBI (Trade Bank of Iraq) cut the ribbons the latter part of April on the first international branch of an Iraqi bank, they projected to open mid may. Well their website is now listed on the Saudi list of Licensed Foreign Banks, alongside all 17 other foreign banks, who are ALL article VIII compliant. Their link is waiting for release.

Pearle:  That’s good Fuze…..They just need to flip the switch

Fuze:  Pearl, yes it is! They would not have listed them unless they are ready to announce article VIII, but the link is under security waiting!!! IRAQ is slack yes, but the Saudi’s don’t play about their MONEY.

Pearle:  Fuze I’m praying they do something significant this week

Fuze:  Pearl so am I. Also on Wednesday the Iraq financial draft law they published a notice of on March 20th that would reveal new their rate. On Wed gone they had private big money boys go over it, before they vote on it any day now.


CharlieOK:  Iraq has rv’d in plain site. A WTO membership. With a program rate? lollol. I would still like to get clarification on whether or not the CBI has stated on their site that they have discontinued dollar auctions.

Eccle519:  Viet Nam joined the WTO in 2007 with a worse rate the Iraq so it not necessary to have a high rate to join but we’ll see

Briona:  If being in the WTO means they stop the auctions, that is a big deal.

Ed:  5 strategies for coping with a money shift :

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