Tishwash: Urgent Security media explains the nature of the explosion in green

(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The security information cell, the nature of the explosion, which witnessed the Green Zone in central Baghdad on Sunday evening.

“A Katyusha rocket landed in the middle of the Green Zone without causing any casualties,
” the statement said

, quoting a security source for the Euphrates that “the site of the fall of the projectile was near the aircraft museum next to the monument of the unknown soldier. Green.   link

NWMontana:  No casualties! …interestingly, landed in an abandoned building~

JSL:  t will be interesting as they discover where this Missile was built.   I can already tell you IRAN!

Furthermore ,my bet is they were aiming at the US Embassy.  This is what the US intel has known and why they told all unnecessary personal to get out of Iraq!   Shia in Iraq that are sympathizers to Iranian issues or actually Iranian plants.

So Stop messing around   Get the revalue done and Iraq people themselves will shutdown these insurgents rather QUICKLY!!!    IMO

Eccle519:  So missles in Baghdad, Auctions at the CBI, US citizens asked to leave Iraq and Dinar exchanges tomorrow in USA…hmm, what’s wrong with this picture?

CharlieOK:  Sounds pretty typical of Iraq when it is game time… One day we will just wake up to it. No rhyme or reason. If it takes chaos, we got plenty on both side of the pond.

CharlieOK:  Here’s hoping for a great week. I don’t understand all the bank excitement at this late date, without good reason. And I understand the banks aren’t in charge. But their excitement is coming from a reliable somewhere.

JCNoble: CharlieOK hope the bankers know what they are talking about since the UST is the trigger. We will see soon enough


Tishwash:  Iraq: Dispute over the freezing of US embassy procedures The government’s decision to open the Green Zone

The US embassy in Baghdad has frozen a decision taken by Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi  earlier this month to open the fortified ” Green Zone ” in the center of the capital to the Iraqis in a wide package of reforms promised after the end of last year.

While security officials have confirmed fears of targeting the embassy after the US-Iranian escalation , others have called for an Iraqi decision to be independent of external wills.

And the Green Zone, which houses the Iraqi government and the presidency of the Republic and security offices, the homes of senior officials, and a number of foreign diplomatic missions; most notably the US and British embassies, had opened parts of them after taking over the prime minister, such as the Olive Street and the suspension bridge, Early this month, a new date was scheduled last week, to open the area fully.

According to the previous government statement, the Green Zone was scheduled to be fully opened to Iraqis on 10 May, which has not yet happened.

The decision to completely open the Green Zone has been frozen for reasons related to the current crisis in the region, and the US Embassy is taking strict measures around its surroundings and the headquarters of its staff in the Green Zone,” a senior security official in the Baghdad Operations Command told the New Arab, .

He explained that “the US Embassy in Baghdad has reservations about the decision to open the Green Zone, especially as it stepped up alert in anticipation of any targeting may be exposed, and took intensive security measures in the vicinity within the region.”

“The resolution has been postponed at least for the time being because of concerns expressed by members of foreign diplomatic missions in the Green Zone, especially the US, of a threat that might be faced by some armed factions loyal to Iran.”

He stressed that “the Iraqi side can not overcome those fears, because the security decisions invalidate according to the reality on the ground, that any information indicates the seriousness of any decision, will lead to the freezing of automatically until the danger is gone.”

This came at a time when the United States asked its “non-essential” government employees, its embassy staff in Baghdad and its consulate in Erbil, to leave Iraq “immediately” and also tightened its security measures at a number of its military bases.

Iraqi politicians regretted the Iraqi government’s silence on the decisions of many states regarding the status of their nationals in Iraq.

“Four foreign countries have demanded their citizens to be cautious and to leave, and others have stopped their activities in Iraq, while the government is on the sidelines,” said Khalid al-Azzawi, a member of the Iraqi Communist Party.

He added that “the crisis between Tehran and Washington, while the echo in Iraq is stronger, and this confirms the extent of influence and the Iranian hegemony in Iraq, and its ability to manipulate the security and stability of the country.”

Al-Azzawi said that “the decision to open the Green Zone in favor of the citizen ,” asserting that “the government must be sovereign by its decisions, as it can not back down on a decision in accordance with external dictates and from any party.”

He explained that “the decision serves the interest of the Iraqi citizen, which must be above the external interests,” calling on the government to “continue to activate the resolution, and in particular that it promised to do so.”

The government’s failure to deliver on its promise to open the Green Zone in Baghdad has sparked criticism in the Iraqi street amid calls for no promises to be made.

Abu Jalal, one of the people of Baghdad for the “new Arab”, that “the retreat from the resolution indicates the weakness of the Iraqi will to external forces The government must fulfill its promise and get rid of other wills,” adding that “the government should not implicate itself promises not ability To implement them   link

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