SusanaC: T&R are very optimistic and excited…ray said today wfb says $$$ Monday… ay said that even if it opens low to wait because it will rise quickly

LadyDee: Monday should be a great day…. In Canada banks are closed….. So Tuesday for us

SusanaC: Is monday a holiday there?

LadyDee:  Yep. Victoria Day

Clotheshorse:  Every time I see or hear something negative in the news I remember what Tony has said all along…… “It is going to get crazy before we exchange” and it has!


Harambe:  BBC: US-China trade war: Moving to Vietnam to avoid sanctions

Briona:  Just another reason for China to end the trade war, as it is costing them dearly.

Harmbe:  Reuters: Rocket fired into Iraqi capital’s ‘Green Zone’, no casualties

Harambe:  CNBC: Oil jumps as Saudi Arabia suggests OPEC+ to keep production cut plan

Harambe:  Bloomberg: Zimbabwe to Give Dollar Boost as Currency Woes Turn Into Cr isis interbank-market-with-500m-on-monday

Harambe:  BBC: US-China trade war: Moving to Vietnam to avoid sanctions

Cutebwoy:  The US State Department is commenting on the bombing of the Green Zone in Baghdad by a Katyusha rocket and determining the location of its fall

019/05/19 23:57

Baghdad today – follow-up On Sunday, May 19, 2019, the US State Department suspended the Katyusha rocket attack on the Green Zone in Baghdad and determined where it would fall.

“A homemade missile has already landed in the Green Zone in central Baghdad,” Sky News quoted a State Department official as saying. “The location of the incident was near the US embassy.”

“Washington is communicating with Iraqi officials and investigating the details of the incident,” he said.

The security information cell in Iraq had announced earlier, the fall of a “Katyusha” on the Green Zone in central Baghdad, while foreign media, Arab and local, that the missile landed in the vicinity of the US embassy in the region, and heard the sound of sirens issued by them .

The Baghdad Operations Command confirmed the location of the missile launch pad, saying it had found it near the university in the center of the capital.

The parliamentary security and defense committee in Iraq suspended the targeting of the Green Zone by an unknown Katyusha rocket.

The bombing of the Green Zone may have targeted the Iraqi government or the parliament, not the US embassy, especially since there are people against the policy of the state and the Iraqi parliament,” said Badr al-Ziadi, a member of the committee.

“The committee will convene an urgent meeting on Monday to discuss the issue and is waiting for an Iraqi security report to determine the location of the missile launch area and the available intelligence.”

This comes days after the US State Department asked its “non-essential” staff to leave Iraq, while Exxon Mobil, a US oil company in Basra, postponed its staff and transferred them to Dubai, amid escalating tension between Washington and Tehran. The Arabian Gulf.   link

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