Red: Anyone want to hear a fresh bank story?

I introduced a lady to the currency about 6 months ago , she has VND and IDR, a very modest amount, she is very outgoing and never meets a person that she cannot strike up a conversation with, so all the tellers know her and what she has purchased at this Tier 1 currency center bank.

Well she just called me all up in the air, telling me the branch manager guy had just called her out of the blue…. then he asked if there was a n y t h i n g further he could for her, So she asked him about the 800 numbers and when they were coming out (keeping in mind neither of them had said a word about foreign currency)

He went along and said they are to be out very soon but he didn’t know exactly when, then they got in a conversation about the currency she had bought from his branch, he told her 3 times to keep in touch and he will keep her updated as times goes by, then she asked about the rates and he said at this time he couldn’t directly speak about that topic, so she is floating on a cloud , not bad for a 84 yr old lady ….

Then she said she would call him often on the cell phone number he gave her…..and he agreed to that, I am almost on the cloud with her at this time….bty she doesn’t listen to calls ……she calls me 3 times per week for updates

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