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Joe Shmoe:  It’s October 20th… do you know where the RV is?

Iko Ward: I’m seeing gold in play this morning. This would make sense if people were quietly leaving the markets. Europe was down last night as well. Interesting, isn’t it? Forex is now under 1100 everyday.

Tbirdd :  IKO—-and they Are quietly leaving the markets, correct?..

Iko Ward :  Tbirdd, they are. me too

Tbirdd :  iko —so do you give credence to the crash expected by some folks for this week? .. security already set up, etc..

Iko Ward : Tbirdd…It’s going to happen, just like the RV. The whole thing’s going to rise up like a tidal wave and catch all the tourists by surprise. Notice how all the” yachts” have already left the harbor.

NewCreation:  The challenge with Dinarland is that it is filled with 1st time novice’ investers’, many have squandered away a few dollars to be a part of this blessing. They anticipate immediate results and when it doesnt play out that way and bils are due, we get the panic and outbursts. Praying everyone hangs in to the finish line knowing no information provider has the button, just the willingness to keep us all informed.

Dr. Rich:  Folks – the bottom line is this; Maliki has been in charge since 2003. They did it his way, or they died!! Dr. Shabibi Governor of the CENTRAL BANK OF IRAQ, said “I WILL NOT ADD VALUE TO MY CURRENCTY AS LONG AS MALIKI IS IN POWER.” tHAT IS he answer. Tony and everyone else had to stay put, because Maliki would agree to RV and make the announcement, but never did. There in was the problem, but in 2014 that stopped, but after 11 years!!

OK Rocks:  Today is a pivotal day but you wont know it or see it… however the markets can be a clue as to whether if it goes well for the world… no crash is good for all… a crash will cause much suffering but we currency holders are still good… I believe in the win win and a great day

DanBlessed:  Its the Scotty principal from Star Trek…say its going to be far away…and when it happens sooner….you’ve just elated everyone…… i was referring to MG & Franks prediction

Dr. Rich:  Folks – some of us know better, because it is costing Iraq $5 billion USD each month to pay most of the bills, and the CBI only has reserves for about another 6 months. The only way to stop that is to revalue the dinar, they know that, so does some of the world. They have to do it now!!

Dr. Rich:  guys – think about it; Iraq is old, tribal, never a real modern government structure! Consider USA, after all of our years and still have problems within parties. Too many want power, and not willing to stop party lines and do it the American way 1 for all! Iraq is the same way, but hundreds of times worse than here!!!

Chaliceman:  IRaq always waits until the last minute to do anything, so it seems likely they will run the CBI reserves down to the nub before dropping the zeroes

New Creation:  Dr. Rich, they play with invisible money, they have been broke, and they have been ready, they are not the hold up…IMO Politics are a world to themselves…you hear what they choose to tell you, know what i mean?

Tight Wad: I don’t know how they could keep the hedge funds and last minute currency vultures (the really big boys) out of the mix and throw up a date to the world between 20-25. doesn’t make sense to me. these currency RV’s have to come as a surprise I would think – and has been the history of RV’s. Ask China and Switzerland just in the last year

G8way2k:  If there is a legitimate trigger that we the people will know about, I’m pretty convinced that we’ll only know after the fact.


JSL:  am concerned that the IMF has drug it’s feet so long now with what is escalating in the middle east with the coalitions being formed, including Iraq now known to be getting involved on a deeper level with the new formations happening as we speak. So if they want to continue to have influence in the New world arising, then why are they dragging their feet. Just seems they are becoming their own worse enemies

RVAlready:  I think that is because the IMF answers to politicians. I think, on their own, they would have fixed this at least 9 months ago.

JSL:  @rvalready They are going to be through Brics, the IMF USA dollar is no longer going to be the currency used for buying Oil .etc, etc, I should say the only curreny. Thus the reason Tony says we will take a hit, for real

 We are taking a hit anyway. The US is functionally bankrupt. Almost nobody wants our currency or federal debt instruments.  Part of the reason for the GCR is to save the US, not just the other countries. We need to rebalance the world….. Believe me, I didn’t need to read those book to know about the Fed and the other players. Andrew Jackson and Jefferson told us what would happen if we let the banks control the currency. And, boy, were they right.

RVAlready:  If Iraq wants large scale international investment, they must RV the currency and make it tradeable.

OK Rocks:  things went well today so we didn’t have to crash the market… all is good