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DonnaJeane: THE ANSWER – Who owns the Federal Reserve Bank (per Tony’s comments on 6-10-19)     This will give you probably most of what you want (or do not want) to know about the beginnings of the Federal Reserve Bank.

NWMontana: Or, you could read this article for a completely different take. Eyes and minds open at all times friends!


Pujo Committee Finds Real Money Trust. Payseur Family.

“The national banks in the great cities are exceeding their charter powers… even extended into foreign countries.”

Read how in this 1913 House of Representatives document. All people and companies relate to Payseur.

There was a House Investigation in 1918 regarding this:

Payseur Companies are the parent of the FED Reserve. The Pujo Committee investigated Payseur ties to banks overstepping their powers.


Harambe:  TheNewArab: Replacing oil wells with solar panels in Iraq s-with-solar-panels-in-iraq


Katz9467: How Fractional Reserve Banking Works

Following are a few of many links about FRACTIONAL BANKING.

We all know what Tony & Ray have been saying for years, NOW

it’s time to read and educate ourselves because YOU KNOW the bank won’t do it for you.
Hope this helps.