Eatman: GM TNT today is Thursday Tony said if it did not happen today he did not know when it would happen…please please please happen today

Harambe: Bloomberg: U.S. Navy Says Two Oil Tankers Damaged in Sea of Oman Incid ent in-sea-of-oman-u-k-body-starts-probe


Tishwash:  Parliament holds a regular session today to read, discuss and vote on a number of laws

The House of Representatives is scheduled to hold a regular session at 11 am on Thursday to read, discuss and vote on a number of laws.

Afaq correspondent explained that the agenda will include the swearing-in of some substitute deputies and the completion of the vote on the draft of the law of private factories and voting on the form of a resolution on the termination of the Council of Commissioners of the Information and Communication Commission and voting on the form of a decision considering the fourteenth of June as a national occasion and the first reading of the draft laws of refugees and amnesty Of tax penalties, as well as discussing the burning of agricultural crops and the housing crisis.  link

buuuut …

The House of Representatives adjourns its meeting for half an hour due to lack of quorum 

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