Eccle519: It seems the upper level banking world and Iraq is being finalized and digitized for smooth access and operation…we’re next in line I imagine

RVAlready: Well, no 800 numbers this morning. Reset until tomorrow morning

Carlosisan:  rvalready – who said it had to be in the morning? it can go at anytime. I’m packed up and ready!

RVAlready:  Well, they wanted them out 2 hours prior to bank opening, and they did not want to change rates in the middle of a market day.

Carlosisan:  rv – one thing I’ve learned about this – plans change in the blink of an eye

RVAlready:   I’ll take a call any time, but changing rates in the middle of the day seems problematic to me

Natok:  rvalready, nothing is impossible, I have seen pauses in the market before, everyone shocked, like, what just happened? Lol

RVAlready:  It will be a shocker, with a 4000x change hitting the markets

Natok:  if they do during market, sure will be!  they pause all trades

Speedy:  Better to have rates show up unawares !!!

Cutebwoy:  remember when the rate changes from 1190 and let say its $4.00 the screen rate will change to 0.250

Speedy:  Not a big deal if you have a stop on your trade !!!   Wise traders have stops on their trades to protect against the down side !!!

Natok:  Speedy, and that should be the only way to trade! put those trails in too! Lol…. if you are going to play that market, best know what you are doing!

GrLewis:  I suspect we won’t get 800 number until tomorrow 14Aug2019 and go to the bank on the Thursday, August 15th. Mindful international rates changes on 1st & 15th of each month.

RV13:  interbanking story mentioning Zimbabwe

Harambe:  CNBC: Oil soars over 3% on easing U.S.-China trade tensions ml?

NWMontana:  Mobile phones are replacing bank accounts in Africa Networks of agents have brought financial services to millions of ‘unbanked’ people, and there’s still room for growth.~ ts-africa-190813101049937.html

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