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While it may be better known for its rich history, pristine beaches and bucket-list tourist destinations, Vietnam should also be on workers’ radars if they ever dream of relocating abroad.

The Southeast Asian country was named the best country for expats to work, according to the Expat Insider 2019 Survey.

To compile its Working Abroad Index, global community InterNations gathered data from over 20,000 members across 187 countries to gauge where expats were most satisfied with their career prospects, economic outlook, job security and work-life balance.

Some countries ranked highest in certain categories — Luxembourg is best for economic outlook and job security, while Panama has great work-life balance — but a combination of high marks in economic outlook, job satisfaction, working hours and work-life balance helped Vietnam secure the top spot for expat workers.

Things aren’t as bright for career satisfaction in the U.S., which ranked 40th on the list. Nearly two in three expats in the U.S. are happy in their careers, but only about half are satisfied with their work-life balance. Overall, U.S. expats have levels of job satisfaction (65%) that are on par with the global average (64%).

Working abroad has its challenges, but the research shows it can pay off, too: A 2019 HSBC Expat survey found the average 18- to 34-year-old’s earnings rose 35% (or from $40,358 to $54,484) after relocating overseas. In certain markets, the jump was as high as 51%.

Here are the top countries where expats are happy with their working lives abroad:

10. Israel 9. Panama 8. Taiwan 7. Estonia 6. Norway 5. Netherlands 4. Germany 3. Luxembourg 2. Czechia (the Czech Republic) 1. Vietnam

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