Bodyman: The great news is we are still at the threshold with no known delays, and interested parties are waiting in anticipation….. I take it as a major positive that banks are alerting their employees that the RV is real….. That is something they have not done previously!   IMO none of this would be occurring if we were not very close

SwampyJack: Just a banking experience this afternoon.. Went to WF to buy dong. 6MM Dong = $294.40 (inc. frt) and Indo Rupiah 1,940,000 = 155.98 (incl. frt)   I had to smile when the bank teller said that “both of us are going to be pretty rich very soon when these revalue” refer to the Dong. I asked if he held anything other than VND and he said no.

SwampyJack:  Then one of the retail managers asked me why I had spent so much time with the teller… and then she smiled and said that “I know, you were buying VND Dong… are you buying for investment or are you planning on going on a trip”. I just replied, if I told you I was buying for investment, you would not have allowed me to complete the transaction”. We parted both with smiles on our faces…. she knows … But anyway, the rates have NOT changed as of Noon today.

Alf:  I just got back from the local WFB. I ran into the same manager who always told me “no we don’t deal with the VND” so I asked her about the sign behind her that says courtesy is job#1. I insisted she look it up for me and she’s still saying we don’t deal with the VND. Well, she starts to research it and BINGO she found out they did deal in the VND. surprise, surprise and she couldn’t stop laughing.

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