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Jeffers:  Anyone remember the rate given for Rupiah yesterday

Luvwulfs:  Rupiah has never changed Jeffers. 1.10 to 1.30

Natok:  RAY – LATEST RATES – DINAR 3.91 DONG – .47 RIAL – 3.22 RUPIAH – 1.08 AFGHANI 2.39 ZIM .11 – .22 something about .35 – contract

Luvwulfs:  Be ready so you don’t have to get ready

Lena:   It appears by listening and reading articles coming from Iraq, the GOI is just kicking their problems down the road and not facing or talking real economic reforms., corruption.. The GOI looks as if their just trying to hold on to the sweet little system of corruption they have managed to set up. Real economic change is going to have to go to market economy, doing away with the currency auctions and changing the value of their currency. .

Natok:  Iraq is done, done, done!!! It is US holding this up! read thru the lines, lots of smoke and mirrors…better watch that other hand, and see what it is doing!

Pearle:  Whoever needs to release the rates need to . Iraq can work their problems out…isis is no longer a problem corruption can only be contained

Natok:  US has to push this thru, then all countries will go, including Iraq, and those demands will be met

Bushog:  IMO ~ we are in the final play of Squeezing Iran. When we get finished spanking them, then we get our RV…. and that will be in the coming days!


Tishwash:  Sistani: The Government of Iraq and its security services responsible for the blood of the demonstrators

The religious authority, Mr. Ali al-Sistani, on Friday condemned the attacks of Iraqi security forces on protesters and journalists, blaming the government for the blood of demonstrators who fell during the protests.

Since October 1, Iraq has witnessed spontaneous demonstrations driven by social demands, but directed by live bullets. The official toll of violence in Baghdad and southern Iraq was more than 100 dead and more than 6,000 wounded.

Sheikh Abdul Mahdi Karbalai, Sistani’s representative in Friday sermon in Karbala today, condemned the reference and his rejection of “attacks on peaceful demonstrators and several members of the security forces” during the protests in Iraq last week. He also condemned “the burning and destruction of some government institutions and private property in these demonstrations.” He hoped that “everyone is aware of the serious repercussions of the use of violence and counter-violence in the ongoing protest movement in the country, which will in any case be avoided.”

Sistani said: “But what happened during the following days is the escalation of violence in an unprecedented and the targeting of increasing numbers of demonstrators by shooting them, and the occurrence of blatant attacks on some media to prevent them from transferring what is happening in the yards of demonstrations.”

He added that “while the official authorities announced that they issued strict orders to prevent the security forces from firing live bullets on the demonstrators, thousands of them were killed” and wounded in Baghdad, Nasiriyah, Diwaniya and others, “direct targeting them of firearms in full view of many, in horrible scenes It was a cruelty beyond imagination and exceeded all limits. ”

The government and its security apparatus are responsible for the heavy bloodshed that has been shed in the demonstrations of the past days, whether by innocent citizens or the security elements charged with dealing with them, and can not shirk this responsibility. It is responsible when some elements of security use excessive violence against Demonstrators, even because they are not disciplined, obeyed by orders or are not qualified and trained to deal with popular protests so as to avoid victim casualties, are responsible when armed outlaws – under the watchful eye of the security forces – It is responsible when its security agents do not protect citizens, government institutions and private property from attacks by a few protesters who did not want them to remain peaceful and free from violence. ”

Sistani reiterated his strong condemnation of the “bloodshed and innocent attacks of various kinds,” and stressed his solidarity with “the legitimate demands of peaceful demonstrators.”

He called on “the government and the judiciary to conduct a credible investigation into all that took place in the demonstration yards, and then disclose to the public the elements that ordered or started shooting at demonstrators or others, and do not hesitate to prosecute, arrest and bring to justice, whatever their affiliations and positions. That this is done within a specified period – for example, two weeks – and is not procrastinated, as in the announcement of the results of the investigative committees in previous cases. ”

“This is the most important and urgent measure at the moment, which reveals the seriousness of the government and the sincerity of its intention to take broad steps for real reform. It will not be possible to proceed with any reform project – with the required financial and administrative corruption and a degree of social justice,” he said. – Unless the prestige of the state is imposed, security is controlled according to its legal contexts, the infringement of public and private freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution, and an end to those who are threatened, beaten, abducted, sniped and killed, are free from prosecution and accountability.  link