Tishwash: Reports of killing and wounding of Central Bank employees and Rafidain by indiscriminate fire of security forces

Twelve employees of the Central Bank of Iraq were killed and another was wounded by a random shooting of security forces in Baghdad, local sources said.

Earlier in the day, security forces closed the gates of the Central Bank of Iraq and Rafidain Bank, the main branch in Rashid Street, after dozens of protesters gathered in the surrounding area.

These tight measures prompted the employees of the Central Bank and Rafidain Bank to exit from one of the gates of the building overlooking the river.

However, during the exit, a female employee and a central bank employee were shot dead by random security forces as they tried to disperse the protesters. An employee of Rafidain Bank was wounded, according to local sources.

Twilight News could not confirm the information from the Iraqi Interior or the Central Bank. ink

Tishwash:  prior to this news was this headline…..

Evacuating the staff of Rafidain, Al-Rasheed and the Central Bank from the back doors  link

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