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Harambe: AP News: Iraq’s protests raise question: Where does the oil money go?

JSL: If we see this action very soon it will satisfy many issues that must be addressed concerning slowed economy as I listened to the Fed Reserve chairman today. also it will immediately bring Iraq into better place. Something needs to happen like Yesterday…… Afterall some say 7 Trillion has gone forth from USA taxpayers directly connected to Iraq. This is the only way to address the Big WHY? So I am 100% on board in agreement to Addressing this right now.

Actech426:  Gov’t funding to keep operating runs out Nov 21st. The workers will be laid-off. There will be no holiday pay or back pay.

Sooneriam:  Why does the American Congress and Senators wait till the last minute the best budgets and bills keep the government and Country in business?  Seems like the same old story over and over. We hear that same old story of the government going to shut down and every year All the congressmen and senators make sure they get their pay raises and get benefits for their selves. The business of the people is not a high priority