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Tishwash: Sistani: Iraq will not return to what it was before the protests

Iraq’s top Shiite cleric, Ali al-Sistani, called on Friday for a new election law to restore confidence in the political process without prejudice to parties, warning that foreign interference in Iraq could turn the country into a “settling arena.”

Sistani said in a Friday sermon read by his representative, Mr. Ahmed al-Safi in Karbala, which is the highest tone since the start of the protests « In any case, be aware of this ».

Al-Safi said in his reading of Sistani’s speech, which does not appear to the public, that «citizens did not go out to the demonstrations demanding reform in this unprecedented form and did not continue it throughout this period with all the heavy price and sacrifices required, but because they did not find others a way to get rid of corruption ».

He considered that corruption in the country is exacerbated «by the ruling powers to make the homelands shared between them, and tolerate some of the corruption of others».

He pointed out that despite the lapse of time since the start of the protests, which he described as «honorable road», but «has not been achieved to date on the ground of the demands of the protesters deserve attention».

Earlier this week, Sistani met with the head of the UN mission in Iraq, Jenin Hennes-Blachart, who presented him with a phased roadmap, calling for an immediate end to violence, electoral reforms and anti-corruption measures within two weeks. , Followed by constitutional amendments and structural legislation within three months.

In this context, Sistani said in his Friday sermon that “the will of the people is the result of the secret ballot if it is conducted fairly and impartially,” calling for “the speedy adoption of a new law for a new electoral commission that is neutral and credible without external interference; “The country has turned into an arena for settling accounts. The biggest loser is the people.”

He added that this new law “should give a real opportunity to change the forces that have governed the country during the past years,” and that the adoption of a law does not give such an opportunity for voters “will not be acceptable and useless.”   link