In TNT

Rock1941:  so getting rid of isis didn’t mean squat?

Briona:  If isis was still active in Iraq, there would be no chance of an RV, so isis being gone is a big deal. Iran is also a big deal.

Eccle519:  The issue with Iran in Iraq is more of a century old Suni and Shiite Problem. Our thinking is citizenship Iraqi or Iranian or Mexican and American. But religious ties are so much more difficult but the bottom line is they need to root out the corruption regardless of religious belief. I believe they are doing that now

Eccle519:  The US has invested Trillions into Iraq and the plan is not going to fail…it’s just been adjusted and added to over the years. The launch is fast approaching imo!

Eccle19:  Who is in control, imo is the ones that have invested the most money…so not the IMF or WTO or UN and NOT Iraq!! The USA is in control because they have the most invested and with this business minded Admin in the White House, it’s close to a done deal