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Weekend UPDATE for November 16-17, 2019

Iraq TV reports that halting the sale of the US dollar in the auctions by the CBI has ended millions of fake funds to Iran indicating that those funds could build 200 schools and 50 hospitals per year. Cheers of excitement were heard by the crowds of protesters as they watched the message on the big screens.

The citizens are saying that this is a start and that they want a complete end of all auctions and to have accountability for the deaths and the disposition of the oil revenues.

A bloody day of demonstrations resulted from live bullets being used on crowds close to the green zone. The US Secretary made statements to the people of Iraq informing them that the US will hold liable all corrupt persons that stole money belonging to the citizens. This message was broadcast on the big screens to calm the crowd.

Iran was also in turmoil today as 100 banks and shops were looted and burned to the ground.

Here’s the link to view it for yourself……


Etam:  Regarding RayRen’s post, by “fake funds” to Iran, does this translate into these funds being funds that were “marked for Iran” but instead went to corrupt Iraqi politicians, etc.? Just trying to make sense of the post…. What are large FAKE FUNDS to IRAN? What do you or anyone else think this means?

TheHawk:  my understanding is that funds from auctions were funneled through fake entities that were ending up in Iran to the corrupt leaders. these funds should have been going to the benefit of Iraqi citizens. The citizens now understand this and they know that stopping the auctions forces the RI which eliminates the corruption and gives purchasing power to the people of Iraq…while keeping stolen funds going to Iran.

Briona:  Good for Iraq, bad for Iran, sounds like a good move.

RVALready:  If auctions have stopped, I would think we would see an RV shortly. I have fingers crossed and prayers offered for this. The corrupt have been in control for too long.

Hosackr:  I think it was supposed to say ending the fake funds from Iran. They’ve been selling counterfeit dinar at the auction and getting real US dollars. Terrible for Iraq and great for Iran. No auctions and now the Iranians can’t flood the Iraqi economy with fake money and can’t therefore illegally obtain real US dollars to spend elsewhere…. Now Iraqi bankers can’t make money at the auctions either, so they’ll have to operate like real banks and earn income through interest payments from loans made to the people of Iraq

Tishwash:  The auctions have not stopped you need to read closely it says they are halted because of the demonstration and they can cut off IRanian banks and still let the others continue to buy at the auctions… “stop selling the dollar in the Central Bank in the past days because of demonstrations”…. the auctions don’t run on Friday and Saturday, they would have started again today but didn’t because of the demonstrations and the strike, that quote is a quote from the article not me

CharlieOK:  Which is why Tony reported that he doesn’t believe the demonstrations will stop until the cbi initiates the monetary reforms/raise the value of the dinar/or however you want to semantically say it.

CharkieOK:  I find it very compelling that the US Secretary (of State) went to Iraq and reported to the Iraqi people that those who were stealing from them (per the auctions) would be held accountable. The auctions might start again, but they better duck for cover if they do.

Tishwash:  this is the article for the funds not getting to iran

Cutebwoy:  Source: The sale of dollars in the central bank stopped blocking the arrival of large fake funds to Iran

November 17, 2019

Baghdad / News

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A halt to the dollar’s sale at the central bank has prevented large fake funds from reaching Iran, an informed source said on Sunday.

“The central bank is wasting money that can build 200 schools and 50 hospitals each year because of the currency auction,” the source told Al-Ikhbaria.

“The currency auction gives fake commercial agencies millions of dollars a day without any restriction,” the source said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

He added that “stop selling the dollar in the Central Bank in the past days because of demonstrations and new measures prevent the arrival of large fake commercial funds to Iran through its intermediaries.”