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Fitgerald: NY Times report on Iranian leaked documents: Iran’s grip on Iraq is revealed in leaked intelligence documents: Tehran is ‘aggressively embedded’ in its neighbour’s affairs, pays informants to switch sides and bought information on US

Pearle:   Iran and Iraq have been intertwined for a while, seems way back in the fight against Saddam and isis. It seems a corrupt relationship because Iraqis citizens are not getting anything out of the deal. The government needs fresh blood

Pearle:  We should have RVd before putting sanctions on Iran. But Iraq is being used as a politicial pawn…There was always corruption…it probably intensified because Iran is under financial pressure…but there will always be something…corruption is everywhere…

Pearle:  If Trump is in charge, I hope he feels enough pressure to let it go


Tishwash:  The arrest of a gang tried to steal the Central Bank of Iraq

Security forces, in cooperation with peaceful demonstrators, arrested a gang that attempted to steal the CBI building.

A statement of Baghdad operations received a copy of the Covenant News, on Monday, that “the gang consisting of ten defendants tried to approach the building of the Central Bank in order to steal and damage, after midnight Sunday, November 17, 2019,” confirming their referral to the investigation to receive their punishment according to law   link


Tishwash:  Iraq .. Two missiles fired on the Green Zone in Baghdad

A security source in Iraq said Sunday evening that an explosion was heard near the Green Zone in central Baghdad .

According to Alsumaria News, the source said that an explosion was heard near the Green Zone in the center of the capital Baghdad, and that security went to the scene to find out the causes.

The source did not disclose casualties from the missiles so far   link