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Dinara: I heard Okie is doing better today.

Update on Okie Oilman: Earlier today, I talked to Okie and he said thank you for your prayers. He is in ICU and didn’t think he would see the sunrise this past Saturday, but he’s still here

MountainMole:  Just to hear Okie speak brings such a grounding to this uncontrollable ride. His voice is like a focus, an anchor that’s dropped to keep us from drifting. Thank you sir for helping me and so many participate in something that will help so many. Rest my friend, be restored in strength and life. Let’s finish strong and live long.

Jambie67:  Prayer chains all across the country for Okie. Hang in there, our friend and brother.

MagicalD:  Come on RV !!! Okie soooooo deserves to see and enjoy this with us all! Our prayers are with you Brother stay strong!!!


KMan:  Well that didnt last long….247 million from Auction. Iraqi Central Bank Will Not Stop Auction Sales of Foreign Currency: CBI……

Jambie67:  KMAN, that “news” could very well be a save-of-face put out by the CBI with the intent of all eyes seeing it so that they don’t appear to be being forced into succumbing to the demands of the people. As Tony always says, watch what they DO, not what they say. Time will tell.

GJHHonor:  ge to all Australian newspaper story today ………. ‘Something has to change’: Leading global investor warns of ‘monetary reset’

SusanaC:  educate yourself-interesting documentary about the use of central banks and economic structural reform…


Tishwash:  Abadi confirms: We signed an agreement political blocs yesterday on the condition of a new government

The former prime minister and leader of the victory coalition, Haider al-Abadi, on Tuesday (November 19, 2019), they signed the agreement of the political blocs yesterday on the condition that a new government and .questioned and withdraw confidence Abadi said in a tweet via Twitter,

That “our position is unchanged and we signed the agreement on the blocks in 18.11.2020 on the condition of a new government, and we insist on interrogating the current government and withdraw confidence and the formation of a new government, to hold early elections fair elections law and .” a neutral commission

He added: “We are with the rights of the people and the integrity of the state,” concluding his tweet Bhastak “.”not to sell the country . . .Continued   link

you can read that here……

Tishwash:  Iraqi blocs sign a document reforms give the government and parliament 45 days

Iraqi parties and political blocs, meeting on Monday, signed an agreement to implement a number of measures and decisions, in the face of protests since October 1, and demand the departure of the ruling elite, according to a document published by local media.

The document, signed by 12 political entities, highlighted the pledge to amend the electoral law to provide equal chances for independent candidates to win, the formation of a new election commission and a broad cabinet reshuffle “on the concepts of quotas.”

The signatories urged the government and security agencies to “identify those involved in the kidnapping of demonstrators and continue the effort to discover those involved in hunting and killing demonstrators and targeting the media.”

The political blocs gave the government and parliament 45 days to implement the reforms contained in the document.

The signatories to the document represent most of the main currents participating in the government and parliament since 2003, including the Fatah Alliance led by Hadi al-Amiri, and the State of Law coalition led by Nuri al-Maliki.

More than 300 people were killed and thousands more injured during the demonstrations, which began on the first of last October, as a result of the security forces using excessive violence against the demonstrators.

The meeting comes in conjunction with the publication of leaked Iranian documents revealing the extent of Tehran’s extensive intervention in Iraq, through spies penetrating into the political, security and military institutions in Iraq.       link.

Tishwash:  another article

Meeting of prominent Iraqi political forces gives parliament and government 45 days to implement demonstrators’ demands    link