In TNT 

AWN92: Yesterday, my banker called me up and left a message “Hey, we should get together soon. Maybe you could stop by on the way home today.” He NEVER calls me, always texts….and he never asks me to come by. He knows that I am involved with Dinar and Dong (i go over every payday and buy another million VND) so he is constantly on the lookout for anything related to the RV.

So after work, I stopped by. We talked for a little bit and then he told me why he called me. He said that a few weeks ago, at their weekly meeting for all the retail bankers and tellers, it was said….and I quote “No retail bankers are allowed to accompany clients to exchange centers.” I asked him to repeat it to make sure I understood it. He said that when he heard it, he couldn’t believe what they said.

The fact that they said anything like this in the meeting, I take as a positive sign that we are getting close. I hope this helps everyone with their motivation!