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Tishwash: Parliamentary Finance is directed to host the Governor of the Central Bank

The Finance Committee, chaired by Haitham al-Jubouri, and its members attended a meeting at which they discussed the federal civil service law and prepared a new formula for the salary of state employees and sent to the government.

The interventions and opinions of members of the Finance Committee, according to the Information Chamber of the House of Representatives “on the preparation of a new salary scale for state employees to ensure social justice and eliminate the large differences between salaries, as well as it is a major demand of the demonstrators to be achieved.”

On the other hand, Chairman of the Finance Committee Haitham al-Jubouri stressed “the need to maximize non-oil revenues such as taxes and full control over border ports and customs to supplement the state investment budget to complete the lagging projects and to initiate other important projects such as hospitals and schools.”

In this regard, the Finance Committee directed to “host the Governor of the Central Bank and the President of the Border Ports Authority and the President of the Customs Authority and the President of the Tax Authority to identify the problems facing them and find quick solutions to them.”   link


Islandgurl:  GM: Yesterday is gone; today is here…please do something new in our lives. I still believe in “Tomorrow!” We shall confront life’s challenges: Stop focusing on the Problems (Release of this Blessing), Start focusing on the Promises and Let’s Prophesy to the solutions.

PastorJohn:  This week is special for so many. Over 60 million people will be traveling this. Would it be nice to say a little prayer for all who are traveling. Our service personnel those that protect us. Wow let a smile come on your face.

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