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Actech426: Good morning America, ships at sea and all our wide world friends. Let us hold up everyone in prayer and Thanksgiving. Okie 2016

Briona:  With the burning of 731 banks, 140 public places, 9 religious centers, 70 gas stations and 34 ambulances, it appears like Iran is facing major up rest with it’s own population. The people of Iran hate the governmnt as much as the Iraqi’s hate Iran’s influence in theirs.

Harambe:  Reuters: Iraqi forces kill 28 protesters after Iranian consulate torched

Harambe:  AP News: 20 Iraqi protesters shot dead in 24 hours, violence spirals

Phantom809:  Over the River and Through the Woods To Grandmother’s House We Go —


Tishwash:  Provinces announced that holiday on Thursday

A number of governorates announced the suspension of official working hours on Thursday.

The administration of Dhi Qar province decided to suspend official working hours in the province for three days to include on Thursday, against the backdrop of the events witnessed by the province of banditry and bridges.

Diwaniya also decided to suspend official working hours in the province tomorrow for the same reason.

The governor of Najaf, Louay al-Yasiri, decided to disable the official working hours on Thursday in the province, all state departments except security, health and service departments, attributing the reason to cut most roads because of demonstrations in some of the main streets.  link