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Tishwash: Trump to Abdul-Mahdi: storming our embassy will be matched by a violent response and major sanctions on Iraq

The US President, Donald Trump, threatened Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi with a violent response after storming his country’s embassy in Baghdad, and he will be met with major sanctions against Iraq.

A senior official in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, ” The telephone call was late between Abdul – Mahdi and Trump” was an unfriendly one hand the last. ”

Among that” Trump threatened Abdul Mahdi that any storming of the embassy will be offset by a violent big sanctions on Iraq And remind him that it was the United States that brought them to Iraq. link


Briona:  2020 is the Chinese year of the rat, and there are a lot of them running the world. We need a large supply of traps

SwampyJack:  briona The year of the Rat ?? How appropriate !!! Maybe selling rat traps might be a good business to be in huh??

CharlieOK:  Just read an article stating that there were only 3,000 people involved in the US Embassy development. They were paid $35/head. lol. Again we see a mountain out of a molehill.

Briona:  I had a feeling they were paid to protest, it is not the first time something like that happened

Ify:  10 years ago when I got into this speculation, I was told it would take 8-10 years for this to happen. I laughed at the words. Well, it has been 10 years to the month when that person said that to me. They were right about that, so I am feeling that this could be The Month and Year…. Not my “seeing” … that person was known as a “seer” yet I truly doubted them. Chuckled inside but I remember that little smile they gave me when I scoffed at the idea that this would take 10 years. I thought surely the PTB would want this to revalue long before now. Well, here we are waiting, hoping, praying. LoL LoL

SwampyJack:  I remember when I was in Germany in 1964 (twenty years after WWII) and the Mark was 4.20 to the USD… by the time I left 2 years later it was 2 Marks per USD… 2 years after than it was 1 Mark per USD… and I refused to belive it would take so long in this venture… maybe 5 years… not 17 years !!

Hotgirl58:  Happy New year’s a waitress in upper michigan got a tip 2020 dollars she couldn’t believe it the guys Bill’s was only 23.00 she was so happy it gave her the opportunity to move in a new house for her and kids.