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Highlights From The big Call: 10-22-15

Mangelo: Bruce call: open prayer…….  having trouble with the call sound

Ivantulafitov:  the big call intel starting

Mangelo:  Bruce call: Intel is very quiet, getting more indications between now and monday, money moving a lot by the China

Mangelo:  Bruce call: some of the banks here and China moving money

[Sallypuff] Bruce just stated trillions of dollars have been flowing due to involvement of China.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: things are moving for groups and prosperity packages, hearing positive things

Mangelo:  Bruce call: still hearing a lot positive things now, HCL needs the international rate and that would be a great indication to start

Sallypuff] Bruce – a lot can happen between now and Monday, and expects to hear some things later this evening that will be positive.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: knows of exchanges and it’s getting closer, the resistance is being removed, CL has had talks with certain people to get things in motion

PinkRoses: Bruce call: we understand if there was an announcement made, we havenot heard yet, there maybe one from CL and maybe from Abadi. havent heard announcement yet.

Pink Roses:  bruce call: be resolved to be positive, highly expectant this happening shortly. this is the majority of what we are hearing.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: a bunch of small details getting done… he is hearing we are getting close to the end!!!!!!!!!

PinkRoses: Bruce call: Understand the TRns digitally are alive and backing our transactions. Things are in a position for it to go It is what I am hearing that we are close for this to happen.

[Sallypuff] Bruce – new currency has been moved into our banks and almost ready for it.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Bruce getting ready for Q and A

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: bank question: elaborate the compounding part of the of it compounding interest daily. Bruce: when we get to the level we are talking about, I understand it will compound, it may not compound daily. Whether it compound daily, monthly, quarterly, talking about 50 million, ask higher rate possibly 8%

Mangelo:  Bruce call: when we get to this level the money could compound daily or not he doesn’t know for sure if it’s going to compound daily

PinkRoses:  bruce call: I understand the exchanges done at the bank rate should not be taxed, only what I heard. Understand within the groups, there maybe special tax., (call went dead)

Ivantulafitov:  lost connection stand by

PinkRoses: Bruce call: Ken: I am not able to speak on the tax situation I think we need to do is plan for the worst and hope for the best. You have to hold something back for taxes in case you need to.

PinkRoses:  . Bruce call: caller: question about the group and taxes Bruce: we can not comment specifically about groups because they are private. They may have tax provisions, but can not comment on it. We wont know the outcome until it ready to be revealed, we just have to wait.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: ZIM not showing anything on the boards, how can you tell what the rates are? Ken: the rates are not published at this point because it is not a tradeable currency at this time.

Mangelo:   Bruce call: China is funding this!!!!!!!

PinkRoses: Bruce: The ZIM is not a world tradeable currency at this time. The currency itself we have we are going to be able to exchange for a period of time The ZIM is backed by China.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: are the rates still showing higher than we expect? Bruce: I havent heard rates last few days. As far as we know havent been a change. They are holding nicely.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: Are they waiting for the Iraq to raise their rates before they release this?

Mangelo:  Bruce call: Iraq is not in control of this, they are part of it and other countries are involved in it

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: yes, the fact the currency will revaluate is the fact the rate will go up, but not in Iraq hands for this to happen.

Pinkroses:  Bruce call: talking about price of oil and their budget. I feel the price of oil has been manipulated. I dont think this is what has been holding it up, not a factor.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: talking about the price of oil $40 to $55 a barrel

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: I was on another intel call tonite. I am also in a group and have my own currency. I heard the paperwork was submitted…. caller: this sounds like this is our last regular call. Bruce: I thought we would have a celebration call tonite. We do calls Tues and Thurs nite. By next Tues we should be celebrating.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Bruce: At this point we are not doing a call till Tuesday. Based on what I said earlier feel it is our last call. We should have this before Monday, that is what I am hearing. Hopefully this is our last regular call prior to our celebration call. When the celebration call goes, we will figure out what we will do post celebration call.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: hopefully this is our last regular call.

Mangelo: Bruce call: keep the dinar separate (in a separate account)

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: I listened to Frank, and now selling currency on his site. He doesnt want to sell the ZIM calls it illogica, why? Bruce: I dont know why he comment on the ZIM, it is opinion. I know ebay selling the ZIM and still available there.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: any developments of the reserve from Sterling? Bruce: not heard anything, Ken you heard? Ken: No, I wouldnt count on it.

PinkRoses: Bruce call: caller: Is everything in the first basket? Bruce: Yes, no change Afghani, rupiah, Zim, dinar, dong and Rial close behind.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: lower denoms? Bruce: not heard. I think we are waiting for lower denoms to surface as well.

Pinkroses:  Bruce call: caller: From scale one to ten, how confident on MOnday this be over? Bruce: A nine, feel good about it, but not 100 percent. I am very confident it be over by Monday.

Mangelo:  Bruce call; I am pretty comfortable saying this should be done by Monday

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: How can one protect your money if something happens to the bank? Bruce: It depends how much you have. Some of the account we will have if amount is enough like 50 Million, we will have insurance that will insure our accounts by the bank or reinsurance.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: how does one protect your money if the banks go bad, if you have more than 50 million or more will be insured by insurance companies, Lloyd of London

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: I am not concern about banks going down, least of my concern. Find some small regional banks that have good balance sheets, even private banks and diversify your accounts.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: I think WF is very solid and be the lead bank in all of this.

PinkRoses:   Bruce call: calller: gifting letter, If i gift the ZIM but not able to do this after it RVs, is this going to be a problem? Bruce: Yes, if you give after it RVs, your ZIM will be worth tons and tons of money. That is why the gift letter before it revalues is important before it happens

PinkRoses:   Bruce: You can gift up to $14,000 a year, anything that exceeds that is taxable. Check with your CPA what you should do.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: is the name of the currency really important, …, they will know what your talking about,

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: Naming of the currency to the tellers is that real important for us to say at the exchange? Bruce: No, they will know the currency. If it dong it is dong, etc. NOt like going into a bank and a teller pulling it up for the first time. I dont think it will be a factor.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: bank story: got email from WF bank. I am with the WF group. I called them, and a gentleman said he was a private banker. I told him I am waiting for the currency exchange and I thought this was it. He wasnt upset, but he said congratulations. I will give you my private number, when this happens, you call me. I will be more than happy to do what you want. I will fly there and do whatever you want.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: that is a good example what bank manager will and can do to meet their clients needs.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: saying wf wm are ready, that is good to know

PinkRoses:  Bruce call; caller: I wanted to tell you what happened to me to show the banks are ready. Bruce: I plan on using bank managers that are local to me, maybe you may want to do that.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: lot Florida tonight….bank story, from Chase they are acknowledging it now

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: bank story also from Chase bank. had 2:00 appt. ‘They said they are ready to go.