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The Maze: The RV! The Trump effect…and what we are actually witnessing!

IMO Trump is now playing hardball with Iran, no different than China, N. Korea or Japan. Just different chess pieces being used and taken off the board, and YOU Iran, you’re getting out of the way! We now see Trump beginning to take control over other countries in the Middle East and elsewhere. Though it appears they are making the decision for progress themselves.

In reality, Trump’s lighting a fire under their a$$’s we just don’t see it that way, but we should.

In the same stroke of genius, he sends a message to the entire global leadership. Do NOT mess with the USA. We will finish the wars you start and we will sanction you to your knees! The missiles fired into Iraq tonight by Iran is their way of bowing out, mark my words. Unless they accidentally killed someone, because they did not intend to kill anyone…Trumps next move may surprise you.

China has and will continue to comply to Trumps demands. We now see he has Canada and Mexico under control via HIS deal! Love him or hate him, unless you are living under a rock or have your head buried in the sand. Very quickly, this man is beginning to impact the global economics and governance in a way NO OTHER MAN has ever done! What we do not see, are the chess moves he’s making, what chess pieces he’s using or even why? However, like the wind that we can’t see, it’s the effects thereof that we do see…

Chess, what a great game.

Soon we will see a Check Mate on ever country I have mentioned and there’s more coming. The world is now a stage for Trump and he will bring this piece of it in for a landing for the people of Iraq, first and foremost.

Hang in there…there is GREAT hope now and the window, is wide open.




The Maze: Anybody that has read things I’ve said over the years knows I’m always pointing the negativity and calling them out while saying it’s NOT going to RV any time soon!

 NOW, I want to share with you why I believe we can start getting excited.

The long and short of it this. If you’re uneducated about politics or history your’e not able to see the strategies being played on a global scale and how one thing happening opens another door of power one man can have over his enemy(s). It truly is plain to see once you understand the politics of dancing…