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Carter: On Fox news President Trump said Iraq should pay American taxpayers

Desertjar5:  OMG Trump just said. About iraq, we have a lot of their money, about 35 billion

DSM:  Well, 35 billion of their currency value “now” would not nearly pay what they owe us…

DSM:  Desertjar….I watched that on an interview with potus on Fox. When ask what he would do about Iraq wanting us completely out of Iraq. Potus said, “I would consider that but, if we ever leave they us a lot of money for cost of airports and embassy. When ask, “how would they pay us”, potus said “well, we have a lot of their money, we have 35 billion of their money in our account right now”.

Rojo:  Considering what Bush said the Iraq war will not cost the US one nickel. But we need the RV and the Dinars that the US Treasury holds at $4 I think that would calc out to about 20 Trillion or somewhere close to that. So we need the RV or RI….. Somethiing is going to happen pretty quick I think!!!

DSM:  rojo….yes, we need an RV or RI but, there are so many other things to take into consideration…It has never been about “us”. This is built around the GCR and it has to work well for all of the countries involved which, doesn’t mean letting Iran ever get a nuke, etc.

DSM:  rojo….I think this has been in progress for many years to get everyones currency back with gold or other assets to back up the value of their currency

Rojo:  dsm I have heard many times that when we go on the gold standard the RV or RI happens almost immediately

Briona:  When the US takes that $35 billion in dinar and buys oil at a super discount, it really multiplies the profit.

EdwardL:  Quote: Do you think that Iraq should repay the American taxpayer for these bases for what we have done there. Potus- sure, you heard that from me. We built one of the world’s most expensive bases over there. If we leave you’re going to have to pay us. Laura, howare you going to collect? Potus– We have a lot of their money right now. We have thirty five billion dollars of their money right now sitting in an account. There was some crosstalk, but this is verbatim..

Tishwash:  Trump: Iraqi officials rejected the US withdrawal

US President Donald Trump confirmed his agreement to withdraw his country’s forces from Iraq.

In response to a question whether the assassination of Qassem Soleimani, commander of the Iranian Quds Force in Baghdad, might lead to the departure of the American forces to Iraq, Trump said, “I agree with that.”

Trump added that his approval was before rejecting recent calls from Iraqi officials to start planning for the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq.

Trump stressed that Iraqi officials say they want the withdrawal of US forces in public, but they secretly do not say so.  link