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Earthfirst: Don’t know the significance of this but found it odd he mentions this. Go to end of video.

President Trump Reveals US has 35 billion in Iraq Currency  

Fuze:  Earth first, seriously?  You don’t know how significant it is?  HUGE! The chief executive officer and POTUS admits the US is holding IQD on a national interview. The implications are huge… IE… Why arn’t they listed on the US public Treasury currency ledgers? Is it because as many guru have hypothesized, it’s being hid in the defense department books! Why?

Because it’s confidential, until its reinstated and worth trillions!!! Prosecutors have used the fact that the alleged IQD not being listed in the USA Treasury currency holdings, as proof that scammers lied about the USA Government having dinars…this is one of the most significant pieces of intel, we’ve ever had!  Great Job!  It’s indicates you’re betting on what the USA Government is betting on,  I love these odds.

Eccle519Wow, maybe already talked about in here but Iran is now saying…”Opps, sorry for shooting down a commercial airliner killing 180 people. SMH

JCNoble:  Is there any way the US can force the stoppage of auctions by CBI/GOI?

Eccle519:  jc: Hopefully the new sanctions are addressing that… the auctions go into Iran’s pocket to help fund their terror so I would think the US knows this

Eccle519:  Sanctions on Iran will monitor money flow from Iraq to Iran…any form of Iranian income should be flagged