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An employee at the Central Bank of Iraq revealed to the station that the named Hassan Nasser Jaafar al-Lami is Qasim Soleimani the financial in Iraq, and one of the main officials in financing Iran and Hezbollah in foreign currency, and that he entered Lebanon on the sixth of last December.

According to press sources, “On last December 2, an Arab satellite channel received a call from Baghdad from an Iraqi woman saying that she works in the Central Bank of Iraq and in possession of evidence condemning Iraqi figures who illegally withdrew dollars from the aforementioned bank before escaping abroad to finance groups linked to Iran Classified as a terrorist organization by the United States, including Hezbollah and even ISIS groups.

And after “multiple contacts with the woman and checking the documents and her identity, a team from the satellite channel met in one of the neighboring countries to preserve the confidentiality of the meeting and preserve us for her security.”

The lady indicated that “the corruption that occurred previously, present, and independently was caused by the governor of the Central Bank, Ali Al-Alaq, who has withdrawn powers,” noting that “there are two general managers who have full powers. ”

And she continued that “there are three heads of corruption in the central bank who consider Iran’s arms in Iraq to control the central bank, the first of which is Hamad Al-Musawi, the owner of Al Hoda Bank, Ali Ghulam, the owner of the Bank of the Middle East, and Hassan Nasser Jaafar al-Lami, the owner of the Bank of Iraq and across Iraq.”

The sources pointed out that “the Iraqi lady said that the Federal Bank in New York asked the Iraqi Central Bank to prevent Hassan Nasser and the owners of other banks from selling foreign work, specifically the dollar, because of charges against them such as money laundering and the smuggling of dollars for terrorist purposes.”

And she continued, “Hassan Nasser Jaafar Al-Lami has this Noor Bank of Iraq and across Iraq, this is a dangerous man and he has a strong ability to sell dollars and foreign work abroad, confirming that he is one of the ISIS financiers.”

She pointed out that “White House sources assured her that the US administration has started investigations with senior influential employees of the Central Bank of Iraq after it became clear that pro-Iranian banks are trying to break US economic sanctions by smuggling the dollar to Iran and its allies in the region.”

She added that “Al-Lami hid all the documents in the bank and forged them,” noting that she “got the real documents by helping employees inside the bank.”

She noted that Al-Lami “came to Lebanon during this month and met Hezbollah to negotiate how to fund them from Iraqi money.”   link