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Eccle519: I ‘m thinking the Dinar is going to add liquidity to the new world financial system because the current one is imploding

Eccle519:  Trillions are being printed world wide from all Central banks just before bankruptcy…the dinar cannot be fiat or it will go down with the ship…I believe this is why it has taken so long for the Dinar…not oil, not PM and Gov, not Iran, not CBI

Eccle519:  Why were 57 trillion Dinars printed and only about 5% are in Iraq? The US has 30 trillion? So connect the dots, it’s not hard to see what’s going on…The Plan For Iraq (written be DC guy and others during Bush admin) was delayed during the last Administration…here we go!

Eccle519:  It has taken so long but (imo) it’s on now as the Fed was just Nationalized into the Treasury…Trump is now the Fed Chairmen! Things are going to get so done now…All other Central banks are following suit.

Ify:  what source posted this Fed information?

Eccle519:  It’s in the news ify…if I run across a link I’ll post it but I heard it today. This National State of Emergency is allowing many powers to Prez…Possibly during the rebound of the economy the Dinar will play a big part along with (Digital dollars which was written in the relief pkg and taken out at the last minute)

Red:  Tish do you have an article for this information??? Joe M @StormIsUponUs · Mar 27, 2020 Patriots have bankrupted the Federal Reserve and absorbed its function into the United States Treasury! The cause of all wars, famine and economic collapse for the past 100 years has been dissolved, and the people have RECLAIMED the money system. CONGRATULATIONS HUMANITY!

Tishwash:  Iraq has $70bn in reserves to keep economy afloat for 6 months to a year: MP

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Baghdad can weather the economic impact of coronavirus and the collapse of world oil prices for six months to a year by dipping into foreign reserves worth $70 billion, a member of the Iraqi parliament’s finance committee told Rudaw.

Even if the ongoing political deadlock in Baghdad is resolved and MPs pass the delayed 2020 budget, Iraq’s coffers are steadily being emptied by the coronavirus lockdown and a plunge in the price of oil – the government’s primary source of income.

Sherwan Mirza, a Kurdish lawmaker and a member of the Iraqi parliament’s finance committee, told Rudaw on Saturday the country will weather the storm by dipping into its substantial foreign reserves.

“In cases of emergency, Iraq will resort to its reserves available at the Central Bank amounting to $70 billion,” Mirza said.

World oil pris fell below $30 per barrel last week as a result of a standoff between rival producers Saudi Arabia and Russia.

At least 90 percent of Iraq’s federal funds come from oil sales. Analysts warn the ongoing political deadlock in Baghdad is anchoring Iraq to the spot when it ought to be preparing for rough economic seas ahead.

“Iraq is able to bear the situation for around six months to one year to pay its civil servants and fund other sectors,” Mirza said.

“Iraq is experiencing a bad economic situation. And if the situation continues, it will get worse. Around 93 percent of Iraq’s revenues come from oil sales.”

Borrowing might be Iraq’s best chance of navigating these challenges, Mirza said.

“Borrow money internally and externally to prepare to respond to the coronavirus threat on one hand, the fight against extremist groups such as Daesh [the Islamic State], which still maintains a presence, on the other, if the oil price continue to drop,” he said.  link