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Tishwash: The coming disaster in bankruptcy of Iraq

They depleted the Iraqi financial treasury to pour into the Iranian arteries, and give it the elixir of life and permanence, in the face of the deadly storms that Iran faces, as it heals bankruptcy and the collapse of the system. The influx of billions of dollars comes to stop the deterioration and bankruptcy of the Khamenei regime.

At the expense of disrupting the Iraqi machine and making it dependent on Iran, and making Iraq a local market to Iran that exports its goods, and even the weak, consumed and tired electrical energy, Iraq buys in billions of dollars annually.

 In recruiting Iraq financial energies to serve Iran. Even the money obtained from the border outlets and ports, Iran obtains it with the lion’s share of the money.

And deprives Iraq of it and who, thus, they made the Iraqi state a thousand punished, paralyzed and idle in providing all basic services to the citizen, including medical and health services in their miserable and scarce state. The case of the tragic hospitals is deplorable. Because all the money that was allocated alongside the medical and health services was looted, stolen and vowed between corruption and the corrupt, during the booming oil prices globally until the price of a barrel of oil reached 80 dollars, so how is Iraq when the price of a barrel is sold less than 20 dollars, and within this terrifying climate in the spread Corona Virus .

The government and the Ministry of Health are totally unable to take action to combat the Corona virus and protect citizens from the risk of infection and death. The Minister of Health has stated that he requested the government and the Ministry of Finance a small amount of $ 156 million to purchase the equipment needed to combat the Corona virus. But the government did not respond to a request, and it cannot provide it.

Therefore, he made a humanitarian appeal to the financially empowered groups to seek financial assistance and assistance, before the Ministry of Health inflicted disability and failure to face the dangers of the epidemic, which is spreading alarmingly among the citizens.

But he did not receive from this appeal and the humanitarian call, except for a very simple amount, while the governments of the world are pumping billions of dollars in the medical and health aspect in the face of the dangerous and deadly epidemic.

The situation in Iraq is heading for a serious deterioration, within the severe and serious crisis in the decline in oil prices. So that the monthly financial deficit for Iraq, as a result of this serious setback, becomes more than two billion dollars per month. And so that he can not walk only to pay the salaries of workers, employees and retirees, even if he cut salaries by half.

As long as the Iranian ghoul is on the lookout for Iraq’s money even in its scarce state, because Iraqi money is the elixir of life to the Iranian regime. Without this lifeline, he will inevitably face bankruptcy. Therefore, militias affiliated with Iran are active in pumping money because its fate is linked to the fate of the Iranian regime.

 If we take into consideration that the International Monetary Fund refused to lend to Iraq a financial loan even on an unfair condition, under the pretext that Iraq was going to bankruptcy and could not pay the burdensome debt on it. This catastrophe that brought Iraq to it. From the rule of the religious and sectarian parties. Iraq is on the verge of a real catastrophe not seen before.  link

Tishwash:  With the drop in oil prices, the parliamentary economy presented 14 proposals to confront the economic crisis

Today, Thursday, the Parliamentary Economic Committee presented 14 proposals to confront the economic crisis, especially with the decline in oil prices and the stagnation of the global economy due to the outbreak of the Corona epidemic.

A statement by the office of a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Economy and Investment, Mazen Al-Faili, stated that “due to the difficult economic conditions that our dear country is going through and the increasing challenges, most notably the low oil prices, the global recession, the Corona pandemic and other accumulated economic challenges, we offer a set of proposals and initial measures that can alleviate Painful effects on our people. “

He noted that “the most important of these measures are:

1. Reducing the salaries of those with general manager rank and above by (60% ؜) and they are allocated to include additional numbers in the social welfare network who have no monthly income.

2- Approving compulsory savings with government bonds for employees whose salaries exceed three million and 20% of their salaries and at an interest rate that is met when the country’s economic conditions improve.

3. Eliminate investment expenditures in the 2020 budget and current expenditures for non-core sections (such as commodity and service requirements and capital expenditures), which do not include unjustified expenses in stable conditions, so how in such dangerous economic conditions.

4- Allocating a special emergency budget to cover the requirements to combat the Corona epidemic and disbursing them to operational and investment requirements in accordance with specific priorities in terms of health reality controls and standards and challenges.

5- Collect the money due and the taxes imposed on the mobile phone companies without any delay or installment.

6- Adopting strict procedures for controlling and collecting non-oil revenues, especially in border outlets and for all provinces and regions, and registering federal revenues that are distributed fairly to all Iraqis.

7- Postponing the payment of all external debts, including Kuwait compensation.

8- Agreement with licensing tour companies to reduce unnecessary costs on the one hand and pay the dues of its current work with oil instead of cash to reduce losses to Iraq from lower oil prices.

9- Postpone the work of all economic agreements with neighboring countries or China in the foreseeable time, especially as its fields are not a priority and some of them are unfair in Iraq.

10- Obliging the region to hand over all the oil produced to the Ministry of Oil for federal marketing, and otherwise its allocations allocated in the budget are transferred to the rest of the Iraqi provinces according to the population ratio, which is a budget of approximately (15) trillion dinars.

11- The issuance of national bonds to citizens through government banks at an encouraging rate of interest that is satisfied when the economic conditions improve to finance the necessary budget with important allocations.

12- Activating anti-corruption efforts, especially its major files, to collect the huge money seized by the corrupt and reallocate them to resources and important exchange gates.  should that say rates not gates? hmmm

13- The region is obliged to pay the value of any quantity of oil sold outside the legal federal context and calculate it from within its budget.

14- Find quick, easy and transparent mechanisms for the delivery of ration card materials and social network care salaries within a week and enough to cover the need for those covered by them for at least two months.  link