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Tishwash: The US State Department: We hope to form a strong and independent Iraqi government

US Assistant Secretary of State for Middle East Affairs, David Schenker, revealed on Friday, April 10, 2020, his country’s position on the assignment of the Prime Minister, National Intelligence Director Mustafa Al-Kazemi to form the new Iraqi government.

US Assistant Secretary of State for Middle East Affairs David Schenker said in a press statement that Al-Kazemi had proven in his previous jobs that he is a patriot and a competent person, expressing his hope that he will soon be able to form a strong and independent government.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, April 9, 2020, Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kazemi stressed that his assignment is a difficult and major national test and success in it is not the job of one individual, while he indicated that he will work to confine weapons with decisive measures and will not allow insulting any Iraqi.

Al-Kazimi said in a speech on his occasion of his mandate to form the government and followed by Alsumaria News, “My assignment is a national responsibility and a difficult and great test, and success in it towards fair elections is not the task of one individual, but it is the duty of everyone.” We saw failures at multiple levels. ”

“The ministerial cabinet that I will present as soon as possible to the parliament with the government program will be a government that serves the people with deeds, not words,” he said, noting that “this government will not be an isolated government or closed rooms.

” Corona and we will make every effort to protect Iraq to confront this epidemic, “pointing out that” we will take care of those affected by the urban and support health and security cadres. ”

He stressed that “sovereignty is a red line and cannot be courtesy at the expense of Iraq,” noting that “Iraq possesses the sovereign decision and sovereignty will not be a controversial issue.”

He stressed that “weapons are the prerogative of the state and we will work to confine arms to decisive measures,” noting that “we will move the economic movement because the Iraqi economy is exhausted.”

Al-Kazimi stressed that “we will protect the rights of the demonstrators,” explaining that “our external relations must be successful, and their success depends on adopting the concept of respect and cooperation with neighbors, friends and countries of the world.”

“We will not allow any Iraqi to be insulted by any internal or external party by accusing him of subordination to the outside,” he said, noting that “combating corruption and corrupt people is a national mission and returning the displaced to their homes is a goal I will not abandon.” link