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Tishwash:  The central bank issues a new directive to all of Iraq’s banks

On Tuesday, the Central Bank of Iraq directed all banks to meet customer requests throughout the week, after the crisis cell decision, with the exception of all banks from the curfew decision.

It stated in a document issued by the bank and directed to approved banks obtained by Shafak News, that “based on what was included in the decisions of the crisis cell formed according to Diwaniya Order No. (55) for the year 2020 installed in paragraph (1) of the Ministry of Health book / Minister’s office numbered (422) On 3/24/2020, which excluded all bank employees from the decision to ban roaming, and in order to maintain the permanence and smoothness of work, the following are attributed to the following:

Direct your banks to meet the demands of customers for all days of the week, taking into account the preventive measures issued by the official authorities to limit the spread of the epidemic (Corona).